Notebook from friend and artist Alison King
Notebook from friend and artist Alison King

Well hello and happy 2016!!!! What are your hopes and dreams for this amazing new year? Are you confused where to even start with your 2016 planning?  I want to share a formula that has worked for me and millions of others.  I have read numerous books and had amazing coaches teach me their tools for this process.  Ready? Grab a pen and paper and let’s go!!!!

The formula or process is vision work!  I have proof that this process really works, as the visions I have put on paper continue to happen and the result is continued growth in my life!  I have practiced and continue to learn more about  vision work over the last 5 years.

Here we go!! Pen and paper is essential when starting the process.  Often times I get the large paper stickies that I can hang on my office wall.  Each paper has a category on it.  My categories appeared in my writing this morning and are in no particular order. They are; intimacy (hubby), business, finances, body/mind/health, and family.  Choose the categories that pertain to your life or business.  Once your categories are determined, write down what you want to achieve in each of them.   The more specific you can be, the more likely your vision(s) will become a reality.  Here is an example under my business category. One of my visions for business is to create workshops on social media marketing for 5 businesses each month.  I listed my pricing, the states/countries that I want to do business/workshops at, and I will add the type of business I want to work with.  Again, the more precise you can be, the better your results.

Once all your categories are done and you have listed the vision for each, share it with another human.  You do not have to tell the world, however telling another person creates a sense of commitment to that vision.   Sort of seals the deal!

Again, I put it on my office wall so I can see it daily (I may leave out the intimate details as I have clients come to my office). Once on the walls, then it is time for the action steps. These are the steps necessary to achieve these goals/visions.

The action steps are the keys to the results!!! See, it isn’t about asking the universe for what we want and then sitting around waiting for it to be dropped into our laps! If you want $100,000 great. How will YOU get there? The actions create the map to get to the treasure (I heard this from a friend the other day and am borrowing it).

After the actions are laid out, I like to take it one step further. How will I be of service to others when achieving this vision?  Example; Alaska Tracy will provide work for a graphic designer, an assistant, and enhance 5 businesses profit and growth when presenting 5 social media/marketing workshops each month.

Vision work started for me when I was selling real estate. I was astonished when the results appeared!  Because of the vision work, it became apparent to me that I would be of service to more people as a social media / marketing consultant/coach then selling real estate.  Through a process, I decided to leave that business and create Alaska Tracy.  Writing specific visions for myself and the company. Again, the visions started becoming realties. Over the years, I have gotten fearful at times (or LAZY) and have not been as thorough. Results? Well, take a guess? Yup, scattered results!

Happy 2016 Vision Planning! May your visions be filled with all your delicious, fun, adventurous, relaxed hopes and dreams!

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