Tell Them Who You Are!When I get hired to coach or consult a person or a business, the first thing I do is go to any place where they could give me information about what they do.  Any place that they can promote the business or company, ie; Twitter, LinkedInblog/website… any and ALL Social Media profiles.

The goal is for someone to be able to quickly identify what you do, what products you sell, and how they may get a hold of you if they need your product or your service.  Quick is KEY.

We live in a very LOUD digital world where things move at lightening speed. People don’t like to have to search for something.  You can be intriguing, just don’t be secretive and leave people questioning what you do or who you are. So….don’t lead them on a rabbit trail.  If you do, they may not go down that trail, but instead hop off your trail all together! Someone else may get their business simply because they shared who they are quickly and easily.

These are indications that you are not properly branding yourself and/or your business.  If people don’t know what you do, they cannot buy from you. More often than not, these will be the types of situations you’re caught in:

  1. Your social media community will ask you what you do for a living.
  2. The community that you live in will ask you what you do for a living.
  3. New connections on LinkedIn will ask you what you do for a living.
  4. You will get solicitations from people that do the same thing you do asking if you need there help.
  5. People you send to your website will email you, asking what you do for a living.
  6. You run into friends that just bought a product you sell from someone else and they say, “sorry, I had no idea that is what you sold or did for a living.”


I think you catch my drift…


So…clean it up!  Social media is a free, fantastic way to gain new contacts, referrals, customers and grow your life.

Here are 3 simple actions to tell people what you do, so they can help grow your business and your life!

1. Your Facebook Personal Profile

Go to your personal Facebook Timeline.

This is located in your Facebook Personal Profile 'About' Section
This is located in your Facebook Personal Profile ‘About’ Section’

Click the 3 little buttons next to “view activity log”.

Then click “view as”.

This will show you what your profile looks like to others.  If you have a Facebook page or a blog/website, it should be visible to others in the “intro” area.

Facebook About Section

Your Facebook business page (if you have one) should be a clickable link, so when a person hovers over the business page name, they can click and go to the page.  Your website should be the same.

A word of caution, as I see this often, don’t post a generic career title.  Example, I often see real estate professionals putting the name of their broker.  Well, people click and go to the actual brokerage.  Again, remember: make it easy for people to use your service or buy your product, not someone else.  Use this box to your benefit.  Even if you are very “private” and only use Facebook for friends and family… maybe a friend will refer someone to you if they know what you do.

2. LinkedIn Profile

Go to your LinkedIn Profile

Click “view profile as”.

LinkedIn Profile

Then click “this is what your profile looks like to public or connections” to see what others see your profile as.

You want people to be able to quickly identify what it is that you do or offer.  My experience on LinkedIn: many people do not read all the information that you provide below the “fold”; meaning, if they have to scroll down to read more information about you, they often won’t.

3. Word of Mouth

Yup… that elevator speech…  Have a quick, easy-to-say, 30-second elevator speech prepped for when you run into people and they ask that fun question, “what are you doing for work these days?”  Keep it short, sweet, intriguing and memorable.

Here is an example that I use:

I run into someone, and they ask me, “so, what are you doing for work these days?”  I answer with a question: “Do you get frustrated with all the changes on Facebook?” They say, “yes, I do.” I say, “well, people hire me to help them get …unfrustrated on Facebook and other Social Media sites. I help grow businesses and lives by turning frustration into simplicity.”

So, remember to keep it simple!  Use all your free Social Media sites to tell your virtual (and real-life) community what you do for a living so they can help you grow your rich, meaningful business and life!

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