Formula for Success

Do you believe the Universe can GIVE YOU exactly what you want?  

Here are the KEYS for this SUCCESS:

  1. Grab a pen and paper.  Not your computer an actual PEN & PAPER!
  2. Write down your DESIRES.  ALL of them.  Even if they seem WAY OUT THERE!  Go ahead and write them down anyways.  ANYTHING you desire put it on paper.
  3. Now, hire a mentor, coach, or a business advisor (maybe you have someone you don’t have to pay).  It is better if you are paying them as you will be more accountable to them….and more importantly to yourself.  (I know …you do not have the money, I DID NOT either and I did it anyways)!
  4. Tell that person your DESIRES!
  5. Let them help you to ‘Road Map’ your directions to your DESIRES!
  6. Let GO!  Have FUN somewhere in each day.  Something that feeds your spirit.  Do it daily.
  7. As you follow your directions be flexible and gentle with yourself.  Your course may need to change a bit.  Run any changes by that person you have designated to be your ‘Mentor’.  This will help when you are really just running from FEAR.  That person will be able to point out things that you may not be able to see in that moment.
  8. Your path may get very difficult before it gets easier.  Remember to HAVE FUN daily!
  9. You WILL start witnessing your DESIRES  happening!  Revel in the joy!  Share with others!
  10. Start back at Step 1!  This will get easier to do as you continue doing it!

    You can have ANYTHING you DESIRE!