Elite Social Media Group Mastermind (ESMM)

 Welcome to the ESMM GROUP!!  This Group provides you a personalized and customized group setting.  It is a safe and FUN environment for you to share and learn social media tools and tips that will help you GROW your Social Community, your Business, your LIFE!  Over the next 3 months, you will be involved in a facilitated group of individuals all working towards the same goal.  Guided by the experience of Alaska Tracy, each person in the group will leave with new insights and strategies for social media!   See the full curriculum below.  Many sessions will be recorded so you can review at your convenience.  Once you sign up, dates of the conference calls and webinars will be emailed to you.

 ANCHORAGE RESIDENTS:  Additional $35 per month gives you access to an exclusive once-per-month meet up with Alaska Tracy (in-person group setting) for one hour of Social Media Group Masterminding!  Tools, tips, strategies and face-to-face networking!

Note:  This group is for ALL levels of social media understanding.  Whether you’re just beginning to use Facebook, or you’ve had an engaging business page for years, you will take away valuable knowledge and know-how.  Social media is constantly evolving and it is the goal of ESMM to equip you with ideas, strategies, and confidence in understanding how it all works together.

 $279 per month (3 month commitment) offers you:

 All Elite Social Media Mastermind members (ESM) will be invited to a private Facebook Group.  This group will allow members to help each other in a “think tank” setting (with no one “dominating” the group, however).  There will be weekly involvement including brain- storming and problem solving.

Week of:

January 7  ~ Live (90 minute) Conference Coaching Call (time will be announced).  There will be introductions and the start of a ‘Social Strategy’ for your business, including ways to create your social Strategy for 2013. (Recorded)

January 14 ~ Webinar filled with Social Media Tips, such as basics of a good Fan Page, Creative (throw out old marketing beliefs!!!) marketing strategies to grow your audience, insights, personal profile vs. Fan Pages and more! (Recorded so you can listen at your convenience).

 January 21 ~ Live (90 minute) interview with a Successful Business that has implemented Social Media to BRAND and GROW their business.  There will be time for Q&A. (Recorded)

January 28 ~ Live (one hour) Twitter Chat, including simple tools of Twitter (not recorded, as it will be live on Twitter).

February 4 ~ Live (90 minute) conference coaching call.  We will briefly discuss your strategy and how you will implement your Social Strategy.  Following, will be a discussion on Social Tips for Engagement.

February 11 ~ Webinar on ENGAGEMENT, including tips and ideas for increasing engagement, what NOT to do, and an overview of social ethics.

February 18 ~ Live (90 minute) interview with Successful Business and their tips and secrets for how they ENGAGE with their community via Social Media, Email, Newsletter and other tools they use.  Time for Q&A.

February 25 – Live (1 hour) Facebook Group Chat.  We will discuss a challenge/obstacles in your business and how to overcome them.  Idea building, Social Media concerns and Q&A.

 March 4 – Live (90 minute) Conference coaching call (time will be announced).  We will review how your strategy implementation is working for you.  This session will be focused on overcoming specific challenges in your business. (Recorded)

March 11 – Webinar on Social Media tips and tricks that Alaska Tracy has learned through her own coaching with one of the top Social Media Coaches in the world.

March 18 – Live call (2 hours) –  Prior to this call, Alaska Tracy will email each member individually to ask specific questions about their business.  The group will then help  formulate a marketing goal/plan of action for each individual; one that will ROCK their business in 2013.

March 25 – Live (90 minute) Facebook chat.  Reviewing all Social Media platforms we have covered.  We will dip into Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest.

 ARE YOU READY TO Grow, GROW, Grow?  No excuses, now is the time to make a change and follow your DESIRES!  I am excited to be a part of your journey! ~ Alaska Tracy   ~ Only a certain number of  spaces for the committed!   Sign up today @AlaskaTracy@gmail.com /www.AlaskaTracy.com