Sometimes I wonder if I would ‘hang out’ with family members if we weren’t related.  Kind of an odd thought and yet….I am not sure I would.  Course, I tend to be a loner, so….

Visits from Family

Each time I visit a family member or family comes to visit me, I get to know myself a little bit better.  The older I get …the less I know about life and the more comfy I get in my own skin. At 45, I am finally able to let my guard down.  Not completely, however more than last year or even 6 months ago.

I have no BIG secrets.  No BIG dramas in my life.  I lead a pretty uncomplicated, simple life and am hopeful I am able to be an example of some sort of grace.  

I have always been one to keep those closest to me at a distance.  FEAR!  Fear they may find out who I really am.  That I am not who I say I am.  Fear that they will see my imperfections….all of them.  That they will find out, I am not the person that my ego likes me to believe at times.  A person who is bigger than life!  …(I am laughing as I type this, see my ego lies sometimes).


When I allow myself to be a member of the human race, no better than, no less than anyone, I am FREE!  I can be transparant.  I can allow others into my world.  I can love freely and unconditionally.  I can see others’ imperfections and not judge and criticize them.  I can love myself imperfections and all.  

I am filled with gratitude that I get to have this experience in life.  I get to have relationships with family members that are healthy and they actually want to be around me today.  I get to travel to see family and they travel to see me.  

I get to be perfectly imperfect upon each visit and allow just a little more LOVE to shine in!