Happy March!! How is your business growing today?

Have you tried carousel, video or Instagram ads on Facebook?

Each month, we use Facebook and Twitter ads to help clients build their businesses. My team has a client that offers their customers a monthly promotion. In January, an Alaska Tracy team member suggested trying carousel and Instagram ads

Results: The company’s overall ad campaign ‘reach’ increased by 37% from the previous month! With only an additional $100 spent on ads, their promotion generated 25% more in sales for January!!!

This is very exciting! The beautiful thing about Facebook (and Twitter) is the ad campaign analytics they provide. As always, numbers tell the true story. Power Editor, Facebook’s third party app, tends to be more strategic in selecting what audience an ad will be targeted to and in tweaking it to get the most ‘reach’ for the least dollar amount per click.  Here’s an example of numbers telling the story: just last night I was able to look at a set of ads my team created for one of our clients in Power Editor, and I was able to see (before the client did) that their sales were going to be the best they had ever had – low and behold, this morning the client emailed me with those exact words!  

Being married to a ‘numbers’ guy, I am constantly challenged with questions like, “That product you are selling is terrific; however, what are your numbers?”  After 10 years in the game and a few businesses later, I have learned to look at the numbers and ‘tweak’ accordingly.  If you are spending money on ads, be it social media or traditional marketing, know your numbers.  If you are not generating the ‘right’ numbers, make the appropriate changes.

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