The power of Asking.

Oh, the mystery of Social Media! How does one use social media to attract clients, customers, and buyers as a means to sustaining one’s livelihood?

I was on a coaching call with an entrepreneur yesterday. As I was reviewing her Facebook business page, I noticed that she was attracting thousands of followers and generating hundreds of comments, likes and shares on each of her posts!   I usually don’t see this kind of action on a business page and was thrilled for her!

I then asked the question: “How are your sales via Facebook?”  Dead silence followed. She said that she had sold only two products via Facebook in over a year.

I asked her if she wanted to know the secret to getting more sales via social media and, of course, she said “Yes!”

I told her that she must begin to ASK people to buy her product! If she asked and also provided her customers with directions to her product’s landing page, I knew she would see real results.

Most businesses tend to slant the opposite direction. They boast and boast about themselves, their awesome businesses, who they are and how awesome their clients are, and never-ending product pitches…buy, buy, buy-me, ME, ME! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

The key for all businesses using social media is to create/build relationships. Businesses should be creating fun, interesting, meaningful content 80% of the time and limit self-promotion to the remaining 20%.

ASK for business AFTER you have built a community because then they will LOVE you and will, in turn, BUY from you!

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