As promised, I am going to tell you about the changes that have happened over the past 30 days of practicing Hot Yoga..(  My mind, my body, my spirit have opened up …just a little bit more!

I am a woman that is highly competitive.  If someone gives me an odd look when I tell them of an idea I have…I get excited!  Almost as though I feed on going against the grain-always having to ‘mix it up’.  I believe I have a restless spirit always seeking out the new adventures-mostly in career choices!

So-someone suggested doing this 30 day challenge for Yoga…I hmmmmed and hmmmmed…and then decided to GO FOR IT!  I am an ex-marathoner and never thought I would ever find the ‘runners high’ again.  Guess what-I DID!

I started the challenge January 1-with one goal in mind, January 30th!  Often I forget about the journey, wanting the destination.  Again after 30 days of intense Yoga practice, I am reminded by my Higher Power – there is NO destination!

My body was very out of shape and my brain fought me over and over.  Telling me things like;  this is stupid, why do you need to prove this?  You don’t have to go today.  You know you can do this, why must you prove it to others.  You are TOO BUSY for this!  And on and on the brain went.  So I just showed up anyway.  There were a few classes where I almost passed out-I literally HATED it!  I just showed up anyway.

The last week of the 30 days, I was feeling SO incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin.  I was being mean to my husband – criticizing his every move.  I just felt like running away (something I used to be good at).  One day I felt STUCK-so I started writing.  I called a business mentor/coach and set an appointment with her.  She had me write my ‘to do’ list.  Then take the top 3 and just do them.

I had been in the process of starting another business to coincide with my current business.  I was very on and off with it.  Again, my brain was working overtime telling me ALL the reasons why not to do this.  The practice of Yoga has helped my heart to be just a  little louder than my brain!   Yoga practice is about  breath-breathing in good and love and light, releasing the worry, the negativity, the stress.  For 60 minutes – 90 minutes a day my heart can be just a little louder than my brain!  This allows quite a bit of space and serenity to come in to my life.  My heart is telling me to MOVE forward with the 2nd business.  Meaning do what I am passionate about.

This does not mean that I get to quit my day job.  This does not mean I get to skip any steps of the HARD Work that is involved in a new business.  This just means that I can endure anything, if I just listen to my heart and stop listening to the LOUD voices in my head that are selfish and self seeking.  I get to do the work and see what the universe has in store for me.  I get to be blessed to live in a world where there are so many choices~

The other changes are just icing on the cake.  My body is stronger, my clothes fit much more comfy, my eating is better, my husband has been practicing Yoga with me!  I am learning to ‘pause’ before saying YES to a commitment!    Of course-I just WANT MORE …so I will keep showing up to practice Yoga~Namaste’