Deep within our Soul

 I will call him ‘T’.

T was diagnosed with throat cancer last August after noticing a lump on his throat along with some other symptoms.  The outlook for his illness was pretty grim, although the doctors did give him some hope.  He underwent months of hellish radiation, which did things to his body that I will not even go into.  As he was finishing his last radiation treatment, his heart started giving him trouble.  The doctors suggested that if he could make it a year, they could possibly undergo heart surgery to repair the heart; but in the end, his heart would still most likely be the thing that would kill him.  His heart is doing that now, as he has a 6 cm. aneurysm in his aorta and there is nothing more to be done.

I was blessed to spend today waiting for the hospital to release him back to his assisted living home.

What a fantastic opportunity to discuss life and death . . . and all that stuff in between.

I told him of my fears and asked him if he had any.  He told me no.  His belief is that Heaven is a wonderful and amazing place.  We cried.  We talked about stuff that good friends talk about . . . the LOVE of friendship.  We talked about how in the end, it is not about how much money you make, or how important you think you are, but the relationships and LOVE that exist in your life.  Then we stopped talking and just cried.

I told him about my career shift and the relief I felt moving forward in a new business. I told him about my fears of money issues.  I told him of my angel that is with me all the time and how I have been talking to her.  When I get frightened and really ask her for help, she puts people in my life that I am blessed to reach out to.  I shared how I often say really . . . that is the answer?  And then I get a warm feeling from deep within and I think . . . yes . . . that IS the answer.  So much bigger than any career or business I have ever known.  Helping another soul . . . that is what I am meant to be doing.

We looked up and T pointed to the sky.  There was a little cloud out in the horizon.  It literally looked like two hands praying.  Again . . . the warm glow inside my soul.

I share this story with you to encourage you to reach out to someone who is struggling with Career, Relationships, Life or Death.  I hope you will reach out and talk to your God, Angel, Buddha, or whomever you believe to be your ‘Higher Power’ and ask them to guide and direct you to be of service to another.  I promise if you open your heart to this, no matter where you are in life, you will feel the LOVE and you will know that you too are going to be ok.

 AlaskaTracy inspiring you to find your Authentic Truth ~