What does your 2013 look like?  Have you set goals?  Put your Desires on paper?  Chatted them over with someone outside your business, or home?

As a business owner of many years, I have found this to be one of the MOST important and rewarding tasks for me to do.  Over the last 10 years, I noticed that in the years that I failed to make this a priority, I floundered.  The years that I have had a Coach/Mentor and took the time to do the writing, I have been pleasantly surprised by my “end of the year” results.  MY plan of success this year is this:  I am in a coaching group with 50 others.  I have two accountability partners with whom I get to share weekly challenges, successes and joys!  This helps me to remain accountable to the goals I have written.  It also helps me to discuss tweaking the goal with others that know me, but don’t live with me.  Sometimes I get scared and want to jump ship, they can gently remind me of my ultimate yearly goal.

This is just the very 1st step of the process.  The WORK  or ‘action steps’ must follow.  By doing the first step I am much more likely to follow through on the actions to achieve my desires.  I become more and more aware of others achieving this desire and tend watch them and maybe even mimick their actions to get to the end result.  I have even emailed several and asked for advice.  Most successful people are willing to share how they got from A to B.

I will share with you the biggest DESIRE for myself this year: to have my book published.  I have put this goal in writing, and shared it with my coaching group and now with you.  As a result, what has happened in just a few short weeks?  I have come up with the theme and material, found an app to use to help create the book, spoken with a successful author, and have ordered a ‘how to write a book’ kit from a well know published author!

I have also put a calendar on my office wall.  This takes up the whole wall.  It is a desk calendar and each sheet is laminated (total cost under $80).  It was something advised in my coaching group.  I can track the progress of my book as well as track speaking engagements, classes that I teach, and my other business(s).  It is a fantastic VISUAL.  I love to post fun, motivational stickers on it as well!




Are you going to Write, Share, take Action….and HAVE FUN along the way this year?  Will this be the year that you achieve your desires?