How BIG Can you DREAM?

What desires do you have for your life?  Are these desires becoming your reality?  If not, WHY not?

I was just interviewed by a councilor for teens.  The project for her teens was to interview a person(s) they viewed as ‘successful’ in life.  She took on the challenge and asked to interview me.

I was HONORED!  She asked me many questions that gave me pause and reflection of my life.

When I was a teen, I viewed successful people as perfect and put them HIGH on a pedestal.  I always felt LESS than others.  It did not come from a bad family life, it just came from somewhere deep in my soul.  It was as if I had this big old HOLE in my soul.  I viewed everyone else as having such an amazing incredible life and for me I was just going to have to struggle and suffer through.  The work in ‘changing’ my beliefs and slowly starting to believe in ME started at age 31.

First and foremost I had to learn to start believing in myself.  GOD and many terrific mentors and role models helped and continue to help me.  I then started learning how to value all my beliefs and values.   My life slowly started changing.  Dreams BIGGER than I ever realized started becoming reality!   

I have dreamed of creating a business where I get to help other business owners achieve all their dreams and goals.  When I talk to a business owner and help them create a plan, a strategy, a goal and then they start implementing this, my heart sings!!!  

The most important question on my interview yesterday was, ‘what is your biggest obstacle or challenge’, this was an easy answer.  My HEAD!  My head tells me all sorts of crap and lies …it is at those moments when I need to stop and listen to my heart, to the universe, to my Higher Power……When I am able to stop and exhale all the negativity, I get to create space for the good to flow in.  This is the KEY for me!

May the power of pausing enter into your world today-so the peace and goodness can enter~
Alaska Tracy ~ ‘follow me’… I am happy to help you achieve ALL your DREAMS!!!