Successful Biz Page:

Fans that LIKE your page are terrific, however millions of FANS are not going to make you successful!  It is Content and a strategy that will help get you to successful land! 
What is your strategy? Do you have a certain Niche?  Maybe your that is where you start with a niche.  Have a story that creates your own authentic voice and explains why you are doing what you are doing. 
Create a Personal Brand that is directed to your target audience.  Have a goal that you will use to create the connection with your audience.  Know your GOAL!
Plan your time for social media.  You do not have to spend hours and hours.  ½ -1 hour per day is all you need if you are purposeful.  Try a 30 day plan.  Every day at 8am I will spend one hour building my page, my brand, connecting to my audience. 
Before you even create your page plan out what content you want to post on that page.  What questions do you get asked all the time?  Have a content GRID and then organize the content.  Before you post ask yourself-is this content good for my BRAND? 
Post once a day to start with.  Sometimes you will annoy your audience if you post more than that.  Have a ritual, meaning be consistent!  
Do not promote yourself until you have build your audience, promote others!!! Maybe post a picture of client that you just worked with and thank them (do get their permission 1st).  Most clients will be flattered!    Post community events, pictures of your community, positive fun upbeat info! 
Happy Monday-happy posting!!!  I am happy to help you be successful with your social media/marketing for your biz!