Each day, we are all given the same amount of time.  So… how do you stay up to date with all the Social Media news, tips and tools that change by the second?  How frustrated do you get with Social Media?  How do you find the TIME to do Social Media?  What and when do you post?

Common questions of Social Frustration!!!   Business owners frustrated knowing that they should be ‘Socializing’ just not sure HOW!

We all have the same amount of time each day.  We all have CHOICES how to spend our time.   Try this for a week, use your phone or computer alarms to help limit the time you spend daily ‘Socializing.’  Spend 10-15 minutes a day reading Social News – News that you can apply to your business.  Book mark helpful news so you can go right to the info site and read.  Set an alarm for ‘Socializing’ with your Social Community, 10-15 minutes morning, afternoon and evening.  Pick 2 Social Avenues ie; Facebook, twitter.  Really learn these 1st before you add another Social Avenue.  You will be tempted, however stay on task and keep to your goal.  Have a strategy for posting and stick to it.   Hootsuite is very helpful for posts thru out your week.

Be accountable to someone other than yourself.  Explain your goals and check in with that person to remain accountable.  Hint hint….a Coach can help you with this Alaska Tracy.

Alaska Tracy here to help you to REACH all your Biz goals and dreams!