Who wouldn’t love to have oodles of fans/clients that actually turn into long-term relationships, resulting in a growing business and life? Is this not the purpose of social media – to grow a social media community that can transform your world

Fotolia_52375321_XSAs an Authentic Business Consultant with years of marketing experience, I have created a three-part plan that guides you and your business into growing your very own successful social media community. Let me show you what I mean as we discuss part one today. That first part is ‘Connect.’

I like to relate the word Connect to your Mission. Without this step, you may feel like you are scrambling to get more ‘likes’, ‘fans’, or ‘followers’; or you may have actually built a great community for yourself online. The question is, are you really turning the community into a growing, income-generating business?

A few definitions from Merriam-Webster for the word Connect: to become joined, to have or establish a rapport, to link together logically related elements in order to draw a conclusion. I like to think of the ‘Connect’ piece as creating a strong mission statement (a foundation, like a home) and then connecting this foundation to your business. The Mission is the main Connecting point of any business.

So where does one start? Start with your WHY. Simon Sinek explains the importance of ‘Why’ in his Ted talk ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action.’ Without a clear Why, it is very hard to move forward with direction and purpose for your business.

You may start with some simple questions. Why did you start (or want to start) your business? Whom will you impact? What is your target market? What inspires you each day? What drives you to get up each day and do your work? How do you feel when you complete a project, task, order, client request? How will it feel to meet your financial responsibilities because of your successful business? Answering these questions should get you started on the path to creating a clear and concise Mission statement. This Mission statement will be your rock, the true core of your business. It is what you will fall back on when you have days that are difficult. It will provide you with the basis for creating and following all the other steps needed to propel your business forward.

Still unsure? Call me for a FREE consultation. Let’s create your Authentic Mission Statement that will rock your world! Look for part two next week!