Building your business is a journey. Sometimes the journey is fun and filled with rainbows and butterflies; other times you may wonder if the journey will ever end. If you are anything like me, you look toward the destination – achieving the goals and reaching the milestones you set out for. The goals are great; however, experiencing the journey is where it’s at. Focusing on “staying the course” is the tough part and I have found it takes lots of practice.

Having a clear, authentic Mission is a start. If this Mission is clear and really rings true to what your company is all about, the Visionwill be much clearer for you. Definition of Vision: The act of power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.

Steps to SuccessI think of Vision as the Communication part of the business, or the steps leading into/out of the business. If the Mission is clear and authentic, these steps will be shiny and polished and will communicate to the right people (employees, contractors) that will want to be part of the business (or if you will, members of the house). One business is not going to suit everyone, and so often we forget this and try to cater to the world. When we are clear, we can Communicate effectively and attract the perfect people to our business (home). These people will help guide our Mission and grow our business and our lives. On the flipside, we will help grow and nurture their lives as well.

When we attract the wrong people into our business, the journey may become very bumpy and cumbersome. Why not start out with an attractive Vision in the beginning and allow our journey to be smooth and fruitful?

How do we communicate the Vision to find these ‘right’ people?  Social Media platforms are perfect for finding the right employees or contractors that will fit nicely in our business.  LinkedIn offers tools to find these people.  Your business profile must be 100% filled out on LinkedIn.  Google picks up key words from this section, so using the proper words to identify and explain who you are is pertinent.  Also, employees use key search words to find their perfect position.  So take the time to fill out this section.  Then start looking for like-minded businesses to connect with.  Take it one step further and email those that accept your invitation.  Tell them who you are and explain your Vision.  Spend actual time and effort communicating with them.  You can plan to do this three times a week in the morning.  Set a timer if you must so that you will not get side tracked.  Your business Facebook Fan Page is another great resource.  Again, make sure your profile ‘About’ section is completely filled out so people know who you are and what your business is about.  You can reach out to other business/fan pages the same way you did on LinkedIn.  Just email them directly, or post on their fan page.

Now you should be on your way to attracting the people that will help your business continue to shine.  Our next step will be Engagement. here to Connect, Communicate & Engage your business into your future!