Are you communicating and providing topics that interests your social media community?  

You are not sure you say-“I have hundreds of fans on my biz page”, my response, are they commenting on your posts? Are you interacting with them?  When you post something-do you get feedback? If the answer is NO, you are not providing content that interests your community.  Sorry, this is the TRUTH!

Helpful tips:  1. Change your community.  Start adding businesses that may be interested in your content.
                   2. Start adding content that intriques your community.  This is the strategy part…the thinking part.  Where you have to ‘do the work’. 

Maybe this is the part of your business that you dislike.  Maybe you are terrific at implementing all the other details of your business.  You do NOT have to be good at all parts of your business.  Why not focus your skills on what you are good at and hire someone to do the creative marketing work?

Alaska Tracy ~ follow me… is an expert in this area and is happy to help you.  As a previous and current business owner and years of marketing experience, I know how to market a business inexpensively and creatively.  I have implemented these skills into social media and would love to share my thoughts and ideas with you.  

There is nothing more exciting than to help a business owner grow and succeed beyond their wildest expectations! The sky is the LIMIT!!!!  I am passionate about what I get to do and am here to help you~
Dream Big-take action-live a full rich life!