Working alone as an entrepreneur or business owner can be challenging.  Often times it’s the ‘head chatter’ that makes for the challenge.

How do you combat your ‘head chatter’?

Here are several tools that have worked and continue to work for me:

1: Take a Personality Test.  Doing this can give you some insight into how to best complement your personality type so that you can keep your ‘head’ in check. Introverts and Extroverts need different activities to get inspired or motivated and knowing which type of personality you are is a fantastic place to start!  I spent years doing things that didn’t suit my personality type and was often exhausted and had body ailments that could have been avoided.

2. Meditation.  Meditation is all about quieting the mind – not stopping the mind, but slowing it down. Learning to slow down and listen to what our bodies and our hearts are telling us will allow us to give ourselves what we need to be happy.

3. Movement.  Daily movement has been proven over and over to reduce stress, increase endorphins that lift us up and energize our souls.

4. Uplift your soul.  Who inspires you? Stay in contact with these people.  Read their books. Stay close to inspiring people and practice avoiding all the negative news in the world.

5. LET GO of PERFECTION!  You are perfectly imperfect!!!!

More from the woods of Alaska…click photo (video) below!

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