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Episode #35 Author Karlene Cameron on Perseverance

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Welcome to this week’s episode of The Alaska Tracy’s Podcast. I am honored that you are listening! Please subscribe for more goodness and feel free to share and or comment. What an honor to connect and get to know the amazing Karlene Cameron.  Karlene and I connected on Twitter (again great way to build your business and life).  She is an author, Business Owner, Marketing Professional, Professor, Mom, and Wife. Her story is a story of perseverance, belief, and determination to become a published author of 5 books. For years she worked in the corporate world and still does as a marketing professional.  She also taught as a University professor. 13 years ago she found herself going through the motions of a horribly boring daily routine craving something more.  She was feeling unfulfilled, trudging through each day and at the time a single mom raising 3 young children. She was working …

Episode 33: Constellation Shopping Services Story of Success

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Lindsay Nielsen – Constellation Shopping Services Thank you for listening to this week’s episode of The Alaska Tracy’s Podcast. What an honor to speak with Lindsay about her creation of Constellation Shopping.  Lindsay took the pain point and words often heard by those of us living in Alaska, “sorry we don’t ship to Alaska” and created a successful business. If you live in Alaska, you know how it is. You hop on a furniture site, fall in love with a piece, and get all the way to the ordering part, and you see that they do not ship to Alaska.  Oh, the frustration!!! But, wait! Constellation Shopping Services will connect the dots! Take a look on their site to see some of the brands that they have shipped for our customers.  Lindsay says we are not a shipping company, we are a shopping service.  Lindsay says, “we can ship …

How Strong Is Your Purpose?

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Start Play Will your purpose get you through the tough times? The times when your head questions what you are doing, you lose a client, you stumble, fear approaches, or you feel stuck. These times will appear.   My experience is if my purpose is not very strong when these times show up, I lose focus and often divert off course. My purpose or WHY must be stronger than my head chatter! This week, I am sharing a short story about hitting a bump and fear setting.  Oh, the fear was overpowering and I wanted to throw in the towel on Podcasting!!!  Guess, what? I got back up!  I get to share with you how my purpose keeps me moving forward! By sharing maybe you won’t make the same mistake. I met my new friend that I talk about in the Podcast via Twitter, so it seemed appropriate that this week …

3 Essentials to Remember When Starting a Business

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Starting a new business can be overwhelming – so many things to learn and so much to do to assure that day-to-day operations run smoothly! There are so many details and things that have to happen just to open the doors…and then there’s the marketing piece, not to mention the money that seems to fly out of your bank account every time you turn around. It really can be overwhelming and exhausting!   There are three essentials you must remember to do once you have your business license in hand and all the legal documents completed.  These essentials are the brick and mortar of your business and can be done right away, but can also be added on to later down the road. Here you go …. Alaska Tracy’s weekly business tip from the woods (click on the photo)!  

How I Became Successful

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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” –Albert Einstein What does success mean to you?  To me success is following my heart.  In doing so, I have been able to create a heart centered business.  When I follow my heart, I am able to be useful to others.  When I am of use to others all sorts of opportunities become available (including money).  If I continually think about what is in it for me and how can I get MORE, business and life become a struggle. About eight years ago, I sold a mobile dog grooming business that I had started in Anchorage, AK. My husband and I had hit a little bump in the road of life and I got busy looking for a new career. My background was marketing and sales. My heart and soul fought what I was doing entering a real estate career… and yet… …

Asking!!!! Yes, It Works!

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Are you that person that automatically adds people to your email list, or groups you think a person might be interested in without asking their permission first? I get it. You want to build your email list, grow your following …ultimately grow your business and your pocket book. Want to know a secret?  Taking the time to ask permission first is a fantastic way to create relationships!!!  Granted, this way takes more time, as it actually involves reaching out to that person(s), one person at a time. But, I promise, it is SO worth it! Here is how it works.  Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that you can be a part of.  You can also be the facilitator (leader) of that group.  So, here is an example:  I send you a friend request (or a connection request) because I see that you are in a business that I market to.  Let’s say …

One Simple Way to Build Community

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The theme I am noticing from clients and from within my own life this week seems to be the question: “How do I grow my community?”  Oh, the answers that I have for friends and clients alike are quite simple, yet often not so easy to do and do consistently. In my experience and according to countless others who have gone before me, this one strategy works in growing a happy, joyous and prosperous lifestyle 100% of the time. Ready? Here it is…….be a GIVER, not a taker.  How will you know when it is working? Your focus will shift and others will start to enter your mind more and more.  You will eventually attract the exact community that you are wishing for. When we remove the focus from “what can I get out of this,” to “how can we give back to businesses, people, and the communities we live in,” we are able to attract others into our own worlds.  We are able …

Measurement of Success

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Author: Nicole Forto Success is often defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, an attainment of one’s goals and dreams. However, I have come to learn that success isn’t just the accomplishment of one’s dreams. A person is not born with success. Nor is it something that is thrust upon you due to wealth, strength, intelligence, or beauty. Rather, success is earned through rigorous effort. I define success not by the accomplishment at the end of the game, finish line, recital, or test but by the long journey I take to get there. Mushing has shown me that to be a success doesn’t mean you have to be a first place champion. It has shown me that believing in yourself and pushing through the good and bad times is where you measure how successful you are. Whether I was coming in first on the racing finish line or …

7 Tips Learned From The Trail Of Life

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Here are 7 tips for your trail of life tool box ~ meant to uplift and inspire you! 1. Always look for the beauty!  There is always beauty, however we have a choice to see it or not. 2. You can use markers to help you not loose your way. 3. Ask someone to come along with you.  The journey does not have to be made solo!  Often times someone that has made the journey already is happy to show you how to avoid many obstacles on the trail of life. 4. Taking some action is better than no action.  Remember, you don’t have to do the whole trail today, you can choose to do a little. 5. While on the trail of life, you may have an opportunity to meet new people and have an array of opportunities. These opportunities and people may provide hope, inspiration and growth along …

3 Hot Tips To Grow Your Database

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A company’s Database is still the ‘king’ for getting leads and leads that become sales.  A database is a fantastic way to build relationships. Here are 3 hot tips to grow your database today! I.  Create a strategic database campaign that will ‘feed’ your database throughout the year.  You can use Constant Contact  or Mail Chimp to create simple, classy newsletters.  Keep them short and give your readers something that they can use.  Remember less is best! Try not over ‘feeding’…ie;  you may annoy and get ‘unsubscribed’ if you send too many newsletters, emails, etc.  Think of how many emails per day you receive, and how many you actually read!  When I was practicing real estate, I sent a monthly newsletter, new listings, and new sales I had all via an email post card.  It was short and sweet.  I got good comments from my database telling me they loved my emails …

You Can Still See the Sun on a Rough and Rocky Road

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It’s the one year anniversary from when I left my full-time, stable job as a marketing representative at First American Title to become a ‘starving artist’ full-time. And boy, has this last year been a trip! First of all, I have definitely not starved, thanks to my wonderfully supportive husband who still has his full-time, stable job. And for that, I am very thankful. In this past year, I have come to the realization that I will have to be a part-time ‘starving artist’ for the next few years to come. ‘Why?’ you ask…I had coffee with the wonderful and wise watercolor artist, Karla Morriera, a few months ago. I asked her for general advice and advice specific to art. But, one of the things she asked me that really stuck with me was, ‘You have to decide whether you want to be a full-time artist or a part-time artist.’ …

How To Jump Start Your Mind

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  I was given this complimentary UP by Jawbone two months ago.  I wear it daily/nightly on my wrist.  It fits comfortably and is attractive with my clothing. The results are thrilling and inspiring!  As you can see, I have accomplished 500,000 steps averaging 7,477 steps per day. With all this movement, my eating habits changed.  I have cut out sugar, breads and a few other goodies that gave me a nice little roll around my tummy.  I had been squeezing into my size 6’s and rolling my eyes at my size 4’s hanging in my closet.  I have lost 8lbs. and am feeling comfy in my clothes and more importantly in my skin. I have had an addiction to food, exercise, and body image for decades (since I was 13 years old).  I am a recovering bulimic.  I had used exercise and starvation as a way to cope with the …

Take That First Step-Chantal Bechervaise

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Take That First Step by guest blogger, Chantal Bechervaise “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ~Mark Twain At forty years old I just finished my last two courses to obtain my Applied Management Certificate and I am half way done my Human Resources Management certificate. I decided last year that it was time for me to return to school and do something. I have always had a passion for learning and trying new things. I have taken courses here and there over the years. I read as much as I can and participate in webinars, sessions, anything I can get my hands on that interests me and allows me to learn and grow. What many people don’t know (or don’t realize) about me is that I dropped out of University. I never got a bachelor’s degree or anything like that. I started but decided that the path that I …

3 Steps To Turn Negatives Into Positives

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My head is constantly filled with chatter telling me things like, “you are not good enough,” and words such as, “cannot,” “should have,” “why did you,” “what are you,”…the list goes on and on! Here are three tools that have been passed on to me to inspire my soul and turn the chatter down and into positive reinforcing thoughts. When I continue to ‘practice’ doing these things, my days are more likely to be filled with contribution and love. When I practice positivity, I am able to get out of the way of abandon my big old Ego and be helpful to others. This allows for growth in all areas of my life including being a leader in social media/marketing and business. Note the key word: PRACTICE. Do not beat yourself up for not being perfect! 1. Carry an attitude of Gratitude ~ Remain in gratitude throughout the day. Walking, …

The One Thing You Need to Change ~ To Take Your Leap of Faith

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The key to living a life beyond your wildest dreams and taking your very own Leap of Faith is……….ready for the secret? PERCEPTION! Yup folks, there you have it, Perception! How I, (or you) choose to look at the world I, (or you) live in! My perception changes daily, sometimes it changes by the minute or second! My perception is often tainted when I do not have all the facts, and so I perceive something (or someone) to be or not to be. When I perceive all things to be possible and I carry an open, willing, and honest mind, I am able to see the world as if all things are possible. See, I have this brain that tells often lies to me. Not sure if you can relate? It tells me things like; ‘you can’t,’ ‘why are you even thinking you can,’ ‘what are you thinking,’ how would …

Three Business Secrets Revealed by Alaska Tracy

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    So you have done it! You have your business license, your new logo on your fancy business cards, your website is up and running, your social media sites are set.  Now you are finally your own boss, able to come and go as you please!  You are thrilled and unsure of what to do next to create monthly income to cover all that it took to startup. I have been exactly where you are and often times need to go back and implement the very basics — the basic tools needed to keep the funnel flowing.  These three basic tools work.  They work when scattered, floundering, successful, busy, and in between!  Continuing to take these actions will keep you moving forward.  When we are moving forward, we are growing. 1.  DataBase ~ This is such an import tool!  I learned about having a database in my very first …

Sharing a ‘Leap of Faith’

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As a business/marketing consultant, I carry a strong passion to help people walk in their true light.  My goal is to give you a book on inspiration and taking the ‘Leap of Faith’ and become and Inspirational Speaker/Teacher. For many of us, taking the ‘Leap’ means walking away from corporate America and designing a lifestyle that makes our heart and souls sing!  Two times a month, Alaska Tracy will be seeking out ‘Leap of Faith’ stories to blog about and share with our growing global Social Media Community.  Are you looking to take your ‘Leap of Faith?’ Keep an eye out on Fridays at Alaska Tracy we will be looking for the next business to be the featured ‘Leap of Faith’ blog! Here is Leslie’s story and a link to her Facebook Fan Page where you can Like her page, or contact her to book an appointment.    I’m Leslie with Leslie Meadow …

Move & Improve !

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The UP System has me movin’, Movin’, movin’!  I tend to be on the competitive side, so this is perfect for me as I can compete with myself. The system fits around your lifestyle. The bottom line is the more you move, the more calories you burn, and the better your mental state is. In just 4 days of wearing this little gadget, I am moving my body more, sleeping more, eating better, and laughing more. See I dance around the house now to increase my steps. Sometimes the dogs dance with me, sometimes the hubster dances with me. Mostly we laugh at me dancing around trying to get more steps in before bedtime. You can share accomplishments with friends and challenge each other if you choose. I have enough trouble challenging myself as I set my goals a bit high each day. For more info and pricing visit:  Jawbone …

You may need a Superhero Jetpack in your life if ……..

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  1.  You are an entrepreneur with a home-based office. ‘Wilson’ ~(Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack) is a light and tiny travel companion that fits in a purse, backpack or even your jeans pocket. 2.  You travel for business or pleasure and are tired of paying the hotels Wi/Fi fees.   ‘Wilson’ (Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack) is happy to tag along and has a stunning battery life for doing business on the beach. 3.  You worry about sharing your information on public Wi/Fi connections.  ‘Wilson’ (Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack) is private and just for you and those that you give the password/approval code to. 4.  You are a speaker/presenter and often show up with no Wi/Fi where you are speaking, ‘Wilson’ (Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack) will be at your side to safely guide you through your power point. 5.  You are concerned about your data usage.  ‘Wilson’ (Verizon 4G LTE Jetpack) offers you …

Big Ole’ Entrepreneurial Speed Bump!

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I have found that having a mentor in life, or a coach in business, helps me to grow.  I have had many of these throughout my 11 plus years in business.  I recently connected with a mentor that has helped me throughout many of my businesses, including the first one where I created a mobile dog grooming business in Anchorage, Alaska. (It is still running around on its 3rd owner)! Through all of the ups and downs and in-betweens, she has been a role model and tremendous help when it comes to brainstorming. The business world always amazes me, and always has since 2001 when I first started the entrepreneurial path. Visualize it. Create the path. Take the actions to achieve the goal! Oh… and work, work, work, and give, give, give to others; and then when you feel like you have nothing more to offer, GIVE MORE! Last but …

Keep Connected

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One simple way to stay connected where ever you are the Verizon Jetpack.  This little Jetpack travels with me every where!  Great for frequent family getaways,  travel overseas, or maybe you are like me a mobile business.  I even bring it with me to speaking engagements and workshops. The Verizon  Jetpack®, has the largest battery of any mobile hotspot.  You can use it with your smart phone tablet, laptop and other Wi–Fi enabled devices connected to the Internet (with Verizon 4G LTE in the U.S.). It’s easy to use and carry!  Keep up with your connections.  I love this little tool that has helped simplify my life!!! **Alaska Tracy receives a complimentary device and data service from Verizon Wireless. No additional compensation was received, and there is no promise of a positive review.  All opinions are my own.

The Illusional Truth of Entrepreneurship

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  There is so much that goes into starting and running a successful business.  I get emails all the time from folks asking for advice on how to start their own biz. I believe anyone can be a biz owner; however, one must realize ALL that is involved. I recently heard from someone who said she wanted to do what I do and take a step back, allowing her to put in less work hours per day. I reread the email to my husband and he said, “You must be making it look too easy.” See, the reality is hours and hours and then more hours go into the life of a biz owner. (One that is enriched and paying their bills, that is.) I love to hike, so, some days, I try to arrange my schedule and work in the evenings. Because my evenings are not filled with any hobbies …

Exclusive Guide to Your Successful Biz! (part 2)

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Creating and succeeding in business.  The things that you will not learn in college to help you move forward with and in your business! Create a solid foundation that will stand the ups and downs of business start up and ownership.  A business plan is the first step.  This will give you guidelines for budgeting, upfront capital, your mission (or purpose), and a detailed timeline of what needs to happen to make this a reality.  Business plans are fantastic for the established business as well.  They give the business a yearly road map.  A formula for success each year. I am here to be your business guide.  Send me an email Let’s create your successful business, your fulfilling life!

Simple LinkedIn Tools to Increase your Business

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These three simple tools can generate more business for you today!  Implementing these tools will take you 30 minutes to one hour (depending on your photo and resume). By generating more leads, you will create more clients/customers and the end result, more income! Social Media is all about ‘Humanizing,’ connecting and building relationships with other humans to create long lasting contacts and referrals.  These tools are a simple ways to start ‘Humanizing’ today via LinkedIn today. For more tips and tools on growing your Social Media Community schedule a free consultation with Alaska Tracy today!

Who will YOU Inspire today?

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I often get approached by people that follow me on Social Media sites and they say: “You are always so upbeat and positive.”  “I love to read your posts.”  “Your posts uplift me and give me inspiration.”  “You are one of the most positive people I know.” Although I’m totally flattered by these comments, I am as human as you are.  I have a CHOICE each day.  Am I going to inspire and connect with others, or am I going to wallow in self pity?  Truth be told, I am all I think about. I have a huge ego, and it lies to me all the time.  It tells me lies like:  “You can’t, FILL IN THE BLANK.”  “You are not, FILL IN THE BLANK.”  It goes on and on with its lies. I have learned via amazing teachers in my life that I get to have a life that is …

Lost in the Woods & Not Alone

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Recently I was in the woods with my two fur pals Eddie and Zena. It was exceptionally green as we had had several days of rain. I had been on this trail hundreds of times, but somehow, this time, I got disoriented. I started cutting through smaller trails that sprouted off the larger, better groomed trail. Suddenly I had no clue where I was, and darn it… I heard a branch snap

Deep Inside Our Souls . . .

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T was diagnosed with throat cancer last August after noticing a lump on his throat along with some other symptoms. The outlook for his illness was pretty grim, although the doctors did give him some hope. He underwent months of hellish radiation, which did things to his body that I will not even go into. As he was finishing his last radiation treatment, his heart started giving him trouble. The doctors suggested that if he could make it a year, they could possibly undergo heart surgery to repair the heart; but in the end, his heart would still most likely be the thing that would kill him. His heart is doing that now, as he has a 6 cm. aneurysm in his aorta and there is nothing more to be done.

Get Empowered w/ the Social Media Mastermind Group!!!

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Elite Social Media Group Mastermind (ESMM)  Welcome to the ESMM GROUP!!  This Group provides you a personalized and customized group setting.  It is a safe and FUN environment for you to share and learn social media tools and tips that will help you GROW your Social Community, your Business, your LIFE!  Over the next 3 months, you will be involved in a facilitated group of individuals all working towards the same goal.  Guided by the experience of Alaska Tracy, each person in the group will leave with new insights and strategies for social media!   See the full curriculum below.  Many sessions will be recorded so you can review at your convenience.  Once you sign up, dates of the conference calls and webinars will be emailed to you.  ANCHORAGE RESIDENTS:  Additional $35 per month gives you access to an exclusive once-per-month meet up with Alaska Tracy (in-person group setting) for one …

Today is the DAY!!!

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Dear all of you Lovers of Books, Are you tired of conforming to how others want you to live? I have a perfect book for you that can help you create new rules for yourself! My good friend, Lisa Marie Selow has launched her self-help book for unconventional, spiritual women, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide (published by Hay House, Inc.).  TODAY!   It is filled with wisdom and exercisess that help you to shift any crap that is still holding you back. Believe me, this book will help you to rock the world and live more authentically, passionately, and purposefully. I’m so excited to invite you to pick up a copy of Lisa’s book today. It really rocks! Lisa is excited too  and she can’t wait to share several bonus gifts and discounts, especially selected for you and with your rebel heart in mind. These gifts are high valued and from …

Simple tools to GROW your Social Community

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10 Simple Tips to GROW your Facebook Social Community 1.  Share Other’s Fan page content, photos, blogs, and videos  2. Like Fan Pages from your personal profile & comment on their fan page (only liking from personal profiles increases fan page ‘likes’)  3. When you get a new friend Connection or Fan Page Connection – thank them for connection on their newsfeed or Fan Page  4. Create an ‘Offering’ before asking People to ‘like’ your fan page – ie: giveaway, free fan page promotion day, etc.  5.  Have a posting ‘Strategy’ – a daily ritual  6.  Create a calendar or timeline for posting activities thru the month/year  7.  Post POSITIVE, upbeat, fun, exciting things  8.  Remember ‘The Law of Reciprocity’  9. Review before hitting ENTER  10.  Three to five posts per day ONLY for any social media platform  

Love – Period

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  I  left my parents home in Upstate NY when I was 19 years old.  I have never lived with them again.  I have visited many times through the 25+ years that I have been away.  We have met in FL to visit my brothers, and my parents have traveled to visit me in the many places I have lived through the years.  We have never taken a family trip until last week. Truth be told, I never loved myself, so how on earth could I really love my family? I had many FEARS before leaving.  My biggest fear was that I would get cranky and mean toward my Mom and Dad.  I have done that often through the years, and I have hated myself every time. I asked GOD to come with me on this trip.  I also was reminded over and over that the trip was to celebrate Mom and Dad’s 50 years of marriage; …

Running up the Hills of LIFE

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Running = Inspiration     I have been a runner (jogger) for over 20 something years.  I have taken many breaks from it and have had a love/hate relationship with it.  I always miss it when I am away from it. Sometimes I think-I am done with running, however, I always go back to it. When I started running years ago, it was to loose weight.  I had a SICK food illness.  I used running as a form of torchure to my body and myself.  I would eat and eat and eat sugary stuff and go run 10+ miles and get sick.  I did loose weight.  I was pretty sick too. I ran my 1st marathon (26.1 miles) when I was 30 for a little gal that had Leukemia.  I joined the Leukemia Team in Training.  It was an amazing incredible event filled with unlimited support.  I had moved from …

Magical DOGS – LAST PART !

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GOD = DOG …And then there was Eddie Orca J did send him!  She had been gone two weeks and I was on the SEARCH for our next 4-legged house-mate!  Hubby said puppies did not fit our busy life style.  We both believe in Rescuing dogs and mixed breeds and I searched all the shelters in Anchorage hourly! I thought I had convinced Bobby that Shepherd/St Bernard mix puppies would be perfect for us!  There were 8 available at the local shelter.  He said, ‘no puppies, however I will meet you there to look.’  I had an odd feeling in my stomach about a puppy.  Also, a need to ‘go look.’   We met at 5 p.m.  We walked into a stinky, loud shelter in town (they are no longer around).  The third kennel down on the left….there he was, Eddie.  We both stopped.  He had Orca J’s head…and well…a corgi …

Magical DOGS Part II

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GOD = DOG Orca Jean We loved her…..  Orca Jean.    She got to experience being groomed on a regular basis and being known for being one of the cleanest dogs on the block.  See, I had always wanted to own an animal business.  I created Alaska’s only Mobile Dog Grooming service, Rub-a-Dub Dog Inc.  Orca Jean came to live with us right before I sold the business.  I loved hanging with Dogs all day long! Orca Jean had a connection to Moose.  It was amazing.  The only thing I could figure was that I have never been afraid of these massive beings. I have a respect for them, but not a fear.  We would be out walking or running and practically run into a Moose.  We never had a bad encounter.  At times we would just stop and watch the Moose close by us. Orca J would sit calmly and watch. …

Magical DOGS Part I

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GOD = DOG While running thru the woods with my current best dog friend, Eddie ~ ‘the Public Figure’, I was trying to think of a title for this Blog post.  There are NO words humanly possible to describe the love of a dog! Magical just came to my mind.  The relationship to the current furry being, the three that have gone before him, and the many growing up have been somewhat of a ‘Spiritual Experience’ in my life. Reno (a German Shepherd) & Cheyenne (a Golden Retriever) were 10 and 14 when they passed on to their next life. They came into my life in my 20s.  Reno was a reflection of the scared person I was.  I carried her until she was 40lbs.  (I know…..) I created a scared German Shepherd who was very protective of me.  She also did not like Cheyenne.  Cheyenne came into Reno’s life at 6 …

What is YOUR Social Media PURPOSE?

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Do you know your PURPOSE? …or are you just on Social Media …because? I have learned that my purpose for Social Media is to Enrich & Inspire others lives!  I Coach how to effectively engage and create a Social Community that feeds your purpose in life.  I love when I am Coaching ….usually session #2 or #3 when the client has the ahhhaaaaa!!!!!  It is about GIVING back First and foremost.  When you are giving back to others that is truly when the magic begins to happen and your Social Community begins to GROW and Enrich your business and more importantly your LIFE!Go out and GIVE to your Social Community today! 

Pissed OFF List!

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Let Go of the Past While reading Danielle LaPorte, ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ I was reminded how blessed I have been to hang with people that have encouraged me to LET GO of my past! It has changed my life! However, I run into people all the time that do not carry the same tool kit.  They CLING to past mistakes or mistakes others have done.  They feel victimized.  This is a tough spot to be in.  I wonder how they can move on with their lives, their goals and desires?  It is painful to watch.  Does this feel like you?  Do you want to be FREE? 10 tools to LET GO TODAY! Breath in and exhale long and SLOWLY 3 times. Grab a sheet of paper and pen (NOT your computer!) Write this sentence:  “I am pissed off at PERSON, PLACE or THING”               …

Funny thing, FAMILY

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Related Sometimes I wonder if I would ‘hang out’ with family members if we weren’t related.  Kind of an odd thought and yet….I am not sure I would.  Course, I tend to be a loner, so…. Visits from Family Each time I visit a family member or family comes to visit me, I get to know myself a little bit better.  The older I get …the less I know about life and the more comfy I get in my own skin. At 45, I am finally able to let my guard down.  Not completely, however more than last year or even 6 months ago. I have no BIG secrets.  No BIG dramas in my life.  I lead a pretty uncomplicated, simple life and am hopeful I am able to be an example of some sort of grace.   I have always been one to keep those closest to me at …


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To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. — inaccurately attributed to  Ralph Waldo Emerson   Success…What does it mean to you?  Who inspires you?  Do you watch someone and think, how do they do what they do?  Do you feel amazingly upbeat when around a certain person?   Several years ago, I was taking a class and was given an assignment to go to three people that I thought were successful and ask them if I could do a 15-20 …

Grow your Biz ~ Grow your LIFE!

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Do you want your business to thrive?  Do you want your life to change and grow? It is EASY and CHEAP ~ and requires effort on your part.It is an amazing thing to do,’CONNECT’ with others!  I work with business owners all the time that tell me they are not extrovert like me.  Truth be told-I am not a true extrovert!  I am more of a home body-I dislike crowds and get exhausted when talking to others all day.  I have learned TOOLS needed to CONNECT and so can you!  If you decide down the road you HATE doing this-HIRE someone to be the Connector of your business.  However, you may find ways to CONNECT that work for you and your personality.Your mission is to CONNECT to as many people through out the day as possible.  WHAT you ask, speak to others?!!! CRAZY talk you say! THREE ways to GROW!  Ready-set-GROW!!!1. …

Head Chatter

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When Your Head is CRAZY Talking What do you do?  Thoughts zooming by so fast you can barely keep up with them. Negative, positive, more than you can handle tasks.  Thought after thought, making you unfocused and drained. Several things to DO to STOP the Chatter at once! Call someone you know is having a tough time ~ ask them how they are doing and listen to them Put on your running shoes and grab your dog ~ get outside!  Breath in nature, exhale out mindless chatter!   Some form of EXERCISE  Take a hot bath. Doodle with colored pens or pencils.  Doodle positive words, thoughts, pictures. Get OFF the computer for 20-45 minutes. Listen to fun upbeat music-dance and sing. Spend time with an animal…brushing, loving, walking….doing something with that critter. Write a GRATITUDE list! (Pen and Paper) Clean out the refrigerator. Read a FUN book.  Something that makes …

Your Home’s Soul

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What feelings do you have when walking through your front door?   My perception growing up was to always look good on the outside-regardless of what is happening on the inside. Like I said, this is only my perception.  Sometimes I feel my perception was not always the truth.   However….it is my feelings and I have learned to honor them and not always believe them.

Stupid NO MORE!

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Years ago, I knew I wanted to be a business owner, however I had always thought of myself as ‘stupid.’  When it came to academics, I struggled! I used creativity and a bubbly personality (which was often exhausting) to help me through challenging times like High School, College and Trade Schools.  When it came to learning out of a book or a class room I had all I could do to get by with a C.  Often times Ds and Fs were it for me.  I cheated and often leaned into friends and teachers that I thought could help me.   I felt ‘less than’ and hopeless.  I was determined to go into business for myself.  I was unsure how or where to start the process.  A good friend suggested that I seek help from a Business Development Career Counselor, David Goodenough.   With a name like Goodenough,  I knew he was going …

3 Posting ‘Oopsie’s’

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Think about your Audience before you post ~ I have never been know to hold back my thoughts or opinions..and often this has resulted in loss of friendships as well as other unpleasantries in life.  I like to think that in my mid 40s I have learned a few great lessons, although I am still no where’s near perfect.  Darn it!!!! As I continue to learn Social Media and teach to others, I observe many people often cringing when  reading a posting. As I small child my mother taught me 3 important rules of etiquete that I struggled all my life to follow!  However, I take them to heart in my Social Promoting.   I will always have opinions, that is part of being human, however certain opinions and beliefs I share only with those closest to my life.  I have a LARGE demographic of potential and current clients and …

In Sync with the Universe

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When do you feel the ALIVE?  Where do you feel ‘RIGHT’ with the Universe?  How do you honor those moments?ALWAYS for me, it is when I am in Nature!  Often in the woods running or playing with Eddie.  I get to live in a magical place Anchorage, Alaska.  It is a place filled with outdoor adventures!  The scenery and wildlife in this State are breathtaking and always amazing!   I believe nature is a gift to all of us regardless of where we live.  When I remember to take the time to admire the gifts, I am filled with gratitude!  I am filled with a connection to the Universe.  A feeling of peace and contentment.  Years ago, I got rid of my gym membership.  I knew that this would force me outdoors more often ~ and it has.  Granted when it is 10 below and DARK it is very difficult.  This past year I joined a Yoga studio …

Is Your Message Being Heard?

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Socially Gifted?  The Tipping Point Is your Business, your Product, your Message getting heard?  Is it being sent to the right people to create a BUZZ? A Change?   I recently stumbled upon Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’, while looking in Wikipedia for words to describe my mission statement. In Gladwell’s book he states, “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.”  The book is about change and how ideas, products, messages and services spread like viruses to create a change, a message, a product, an epidemic!  Social Media Sites are one example of an epidemic.  Gifted Social beings known to have one of 3 types of personality are responsible for the change, delivering the message, creating the BUZZ!    The Connectors:  people that are acquainted with people in all social circles and have an ability to connect one another.  They …


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It can be daunting the amount of stimulation received daily from Social Media. As a Coach, the biggest complaint I hear is ‘I AM OVERWHELMED!!!!!’The 2nd complaint is TIME! Business owners continually tell me, ‘I do not have the time to learn how to be effective with ‘Social Media.’  I have too many other tasks as the owner than to keep up with Social Media.”    Secrets to Over Stimulation & TIME Management:  Start with one Social Media Avenue ie; Facebook (FB).  Learn it, and build a Community that you are engaging with.  Create your company Business Page and FAN Community.  Do NOT jump ship on FB until you are engaging with your community ie; getting feedback on your comments. Learn another Social Avenue such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, or one of the endless other Social Media Avenues out there. Use an Alarm (check out Google Chrome Web Store -Alarms) and a Calendar (paper is best so you can …


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We are SOCIAL beings!  Many of us think we are ‘loners’ however we are all Social Beings!  Conversation is a large part of the way human beings communicate.  When you see someone you know do you say ‘hi, how are you doing?’  Conversations are a connection to one another.Social Media is just a connection to other Social Beings.  It is a way to communicate and explore others.What is your perception of ‘Social Media‘?  Are you ‘clueless?’  Do you watch others growing businesses using Social Media and wonder how they are achieving their success?  You can do it too!!! It is just about being Social and communicating with others.Here are THREE easy, simple tools that you can start using today to start connecting via Social Media, ways that are proven to GROW your Social Community.1.  Start engaging with your community.  Go to your friends profiles say hello,  see what they are doing. …

Achieve the LIFE You DESIRE

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As I watched Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls on a Friday night in June,  I think to myself this guy is CRAZY!!!  What would possess someone to do this? Ego? Money and FAME?   Later I watch interviews and learn of Wallenda’s background.  His family dates back to 1780…a Circus troupe family consisting of acrobats, jugglers, clowns, aerialists and animal trainers.  Performing is in his blood.  So when he dreamed of walking across Niagara and was told NO WAY from both the USA and Canada he was more determined to make this a reality.  TWO years later he did it as millions watched!Wallenda speaks at schools encouraging children to listen to their heart, to follow their dreams to dream BIG!  That anything in life is possible!  He speaks all over the world encouraging people to pursue what is deep with in them.  Listening to him talk, I felt a connection to …


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The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence on July 4th, 1776.What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word? For years, I thought Independence meant to stand alone, to be FULLY self sufficient.  To never ask for help.  To be financially ‘set’ (whatever that means). Over the years, I have learned it is completely the opposite! Independence, means trusting others.  Asking for their help.  Realizing that I am not better than or less than, just one of!  I get to work and be financially responsible (regardless of the career I have). I get to learn from others that have gone before me how to do things in life…. it may be just a little easier because they have taken the path first.  I get …

LO Mojo?

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Three Tips for turning your day around. I teach and encourage MOTIVATION!  However am not always inspired and motivated.  I have gathered a ‘tool kit’ over the last 45 years for ‘Lo Mojo’ days.  The key is to pull out the tool kit and actually use a few of the tools in it! Life is so very precious and short.  Surround yourself with upbeat, positive, supportive people.  Encourage these people to tell you the truth ie;  you are complaining a lot lately.  Life surrounded by optimistic people that see life as a celebration instead of a challenge and struggle are much easier to be around.  They are attractive and draw other attractive people to them.   They shine bright lights ~ seek these people out!   Exercise is a wonderful lifter upper!!!  As well as a Dog!  Dogs always encourage you to stop what you are doing, put your running/walking …

31 DAYS of BLOGGING -Ready Set GO!!!

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 Are you a BLOGGER?  What do you Blog about?  Where do you get your topics?  What time of day do you BLOG?  Has it helped your biz to GROW?  Word Press or Blogger?I have accepted the commitment to blog for 31 days in a row…starting today.  I am already learning quite a bit on my 1st day of the challenge.  The 1st thing…..I do not know my way around my blog site-yes that is the TRUTH!I am not sure if I should change to Word Press?  Thoughts?   I have a tendency to avoid the ‘task’ at hand however by trying to learn Word Press I would be avoiding actually blogging.  I can spend hours tooling around on the web and forget what task I had originally intending on doing.  Does this sound like something you do?So…day one got off to a late start.  We got home from a weekend away. …


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Each day, we are all given the same amount of time.  So… how do you stay up to date with all the Social Media news, tips and tools that change by the second?  How frustrated do you get with Social Media?  How do you find the TIME to do Social Media?  What and when do you post? Common questions of Social Frustration!!!   Business owners frustrated knowing that they should be ‘Socializing’ just not sure HOW! We all have the same amount of time each day.  We all have CHOICES how to spend our time.   Try this for a week, use your phone or computer alarms to help limit the time you spend daily ‘Socializing.’  Spend 10-15 minutes a day reading Social News – News that you can apply to your business.  Book mark helpful news so you can go right to the info site and read.  Set an …

Social this…and Social That

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘Social Media’ venues and tools out there?  Every day there is a new update on Facebook a new Social Site.  How do you keep up with it all?  Or are you choosing not to? Are you so overwhelmed that you are ‘stuck’? Three simple things that you can do today to move forward.  1.  Breathe…I mean exhale and really let go of breath.  Ok, now choose one Social Media Avenue (i.e.; Facebook, Twitter) that you are going to learn.  Do not allow yourself to go down another Social Media Avenue until you are actively comfortable with the one you start on today!  2. How will you know when to move to the next Social Media site?  When you are engaging with your Social Community.  Engagement means learning about your community and what they are doing.  Asking them questions on their wall.  Getting engagement …

Social Avenues to GROW your business

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Engagement is key in growing your ‘Social Community’!  Strategy is the 2nd key.  Random postings sometimes work, however, if you are in it for the long haul have a strategy! There are so many ‘Social’ Avenues out there, how does one decide and stay focused?  It has been my practice to pick 2 be it Facebook and Linkedin  or Twitter and Linkedin…just pick TWO  and stay focused on them. Focusing means be consistant and have a posting plan.  As another ‘Social’ Avenue pops up or into your mind-do not divert from the TWO you are focusing on.  Do this for 90 days!  The results will astound you! Linkedin has been growing in popularity over the last few months.  Businesses are looking for ways to better themselves and this is the ‘Social’ avenue they are using to find other businesses to help get them to their goals.  I have received 5-10 comments just in the last week asking about …

Self Care

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What do you do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly for SELF CARE?  I find it imperative that I take care of my mental and physical self or I am no good to anyone. I get outdoors often-even in the harsh Alaska winters!  It helps to clear my mind and to release stress and worries.  It helps me to connect to the God of my understanding.  I get to live with 

5 Keys to Social Networking

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I have found these to be key when building my community via Social Networking.  This is my experience only….what has worked and continues to work for me.1.  Better to leave your personal views on politics and religion off your wall/page.  My mother told me years ago that many controversial problems are created when discussing these personal issues.  Posting the news and facts on issues is another story….2. Engage in conversations.  Ask others (and businesses) questions on their wall/page to get them to engage.  4 a day is a good start (this takes 5-15 minutes).3.  Share community events, pictures, things that spark interest.  You will know if you get ‘likes’, ‘comments’, and the ultimate…’shares’!   4.  Let your community know what you do for a living with out cramming it down their throats.  Promoting yourself ALL the time is a turn off!  Quickest way to promote is to promote others.5. Thank your …

Creating your Dream Life~

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How BIG Can you DREAM? What desires do you have for your life?  Are these desires becoming your reality?  If not, WHY not? I was just interviewed by a councilor for teens.  The project for her teens was to interview a person(s) they viewed as ‘successful’ in life.  She took on the challenge and asked to interview me. I was HONORED!  She asked me many questions that gave me pause and reflection of my life. When I was a teen, I viewed successful people as perfect and put them HIGH on a pedestal.  I always felt LESS than others.  It did not come from a bad family life, it just came from somewhere deep in my soul.  It was as if I had this big old HOLE in my soul.  I viewed everyone else as having such an amazing incredible life and for me I was just going to have …

Taking Action!

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When I am willing to put action steps on paper, I continually am AMAZED at the results!  I am always amazed-as this is the 3rd business I have had the opportunity to create and watch grow and evolve.  I feel blessed beyond words! For years and years I have wanted to help businesses, however I did not have a clear path of how to go about doing that.  So I would dabble. I would help out a friend here and there with writing a business plan or marketing ideas.  In my heart I knew helping businesses develop, grow and succeed is where my heart was.  I did not know how to start or where to go with a business.  I do know that every business has helped me to get to where I am today and that the businesses I own today will push me to the next. I always …

Communicate and GROW your Social Community!

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Are you communicating and providing topics that interests your social media community?  You are not sure you say-“I have hundreds of fans on my biz page”, my response, are they commenting on your posts? Are you interacting with them?  When you post something-do you get feedback? If the answer is NO, you are not providing content that interests your community.  Sorry, this is the TRUTH!Helpful tips:  1. Change your community.  Start adding businesses that may be interested in your content.                   2. Start adding content that intriques your community.  This is the strategy part…the thinking part.  Where you have to ‘do the work’. Maybe this is the part of your business that you dislike.  Maybe you are terrific at implementing all the other details of your business.  You do NOT have to be good at all parts of your business.  Why not focus your …

Action & then MORE Action!

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My 2012 goals are written!  Now the implementation of them-this is the part I usually find ‘other’ things to do…laundry, shopping, eating..anything but creating the action steps to obtain the goals.  I like to think I am unique and no one else does this, however I think I am not alone in this area. For today, I will do just a small amount of work on this area.  Just to get started.  That is the hard part.  The beginning.  I will spend 10 minutes on implementing my business plan.  I will then go about my evening and let it go! How do you motivate when all you want to do is procrastinate? I would be curious to hear others answers. I have no distractions for the next 10 minutes.  So…I am going to quit blogging and go do 10 minutes of work.


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CHALLENGESAs promised, I am going to tell you about the changes that have happened over the past 30 days of practicing Hot Yoga..(  My mind, my body, my spirit have opened up …just a little bit more!I am a woman that is highly competitive.  If someone gives me an odd look when I tell them of an idea I have…I get excited!  Almost as though I feed on going against the grain-always having to ‘mix it up’.  I believe I have a restless spirit always seeking out the new adventures-mostly in career choices!So-someone suggested doing this 30 day challenge for Yoga…I hmmmmed and hmmmmed…and then decided to GO FOR IT!  I am an ex-marathoner and never thought I would ever find the ‘runners high’ again.  Guess what-I DID!I started the challenge January 1-with one goal in mind, January 30th!  Often I forget about the journey, wanting the destination.  Again after …

Turning Negatives into…….

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How do you deal with a difficult situation or person?  Do you want to run? Do you say things that you think later on you should not have said? Do you want to hurt and talk badly about that person or situation….OR…do you take the high road???? Life is filled with wonderful growth opportunities.  Chances to learn, be of service to others and be filled with gratitude. Today I get to have an ‘opportunity’ to work with a difficult individual.  My thought is the person is filled with FEAR or GREED…which by nature are really the same thing.  I am choosing to look at the bright and positive things in my life.  The sun is out and the mountains are shining all around me.  There are many wonderful, happy souls that I can call and say hello to.  There are unfortunate souls that I can stop and help today – or pray …

Create your Biz Page!

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Successful Biz Page: Fans that LIKE your page are terrific, however millions of FANS are not going to make you successful!  It is Content and a strategy that will help get you to successful land!  What is your strategy? Do you have a certain Niche?  Maybe your that is where you start with a niche.  Have a story that creates your own authentic voice and explains why you are doing what you are doing.  Create a Personal Brand that is directed to your target audience.  Have a goal that you will use to create the connection with your audience.  Know your GOAL! Plan your time for social media.  You do not have to spend hours and hours.  ½ -1 hour per day is all you need if you are purposeful.  Try a 30 day plan.  Every day at 8am I will spend one hour building my page, my brand, connecting …

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Etiquette: conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. Are you following any social media Etiquette? If you are not getting results ie; referrals, feedback, interest in your life, you may want to ask yourself these 5 questions. Are you constantly promoting your business? We are inundated with information today. It is a turn off when you promote only yourself. People pay attention to exciting, uplifting information that is beneficial to them. People turn off when they are being Sold! When you post is it brief (a sentence or less)? Keep your posts brief (less is best) and share in a general way! No one cares when you brushed your teeth! Do you post 2-4 times in a row? Post 1-4 times out the day (purposeful, meaningful posts). Many people hide or delete chronic posters. Are your photos …

Rock n Roll your World with Social Media!!!

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Alaska Tracy is teaching you how to GROW your network/community via Social Media! I am a testimonial that being purposeful and using a few simple dos and don’ts – I have coached with Social Media Guru DotJenna~and I want to teach you what I have learned!  Facebook is FREE!!!! Twitter is FREE! Are you using it to your FULL potential?! I am happy to show you how!Where: Anchorage House of Bread-8130 Old Seward Hwy, Ste. #108WHEN: Wednesday, November 2 ~ 6p-8pBring: Your laptop for questions after-WHAT: Alaska Tracy ~ Business Marketing & Motivational Advocate ~ Is going to inspire you and move you too use Facebook to build a community and Rock your world!COST: FREE!!!RSVP: Alaska Tracy via Facebook or email or good old fashioned phone 907-350-4482 I look forward to helping you succeed!!!! ~Alaska Tracy

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