3 Simple Effective Ways to Grow your Biz!

Several months ago, a company approached me (Alaska Tracy) via Twitter. They emailed me asking me to be a brand ambassador for one of their clients.  It really was a simple program, but would still learn a lot, and get very cool techy gadgets.

I did not believe there was no catch to this. After all, I have had decades of experience in the sales industry, and know all the sales lines in the book. After two months of “courting” me, I agreed to talk to them — them being  Online Mom Media.  Their branding policy is BRILLIANT, simple, effective and out of the box!

I was asked to attend the Verizon Influencer’s Summit in San Francisco and was able to meet others in the Ambassador program, learn a ton about the Verizon company, and get cool gadgets. After this experience, I wondered why more businesses are not using these simple techniques to grow their businesses?

Here it is in three simple steps:

1. Create an amazing, attractive product (and company). This is the very first and most important ingredient. Verizon has created products that are high quality. They have amazing tech support for non techies (like me) to learn how to use their products and they are affordable. They have also created a company culture that encourages learning and growth from within.

Mobile tech in education
Mobile tech in education

Check out ways they use mobile technology to help students succeed: http://responsibility.verizon.com/education/






2. Find people that are influencers amongst their social media communities.  How do you find these folks? Use Hashtags (#) for products that you know and trust. See who is talking about these products and what they are saying— good and bad and who is listening/responding. An influencer should believe in something, and share it and the business with its followers. An influencer has the capability to engage their social media community to want to know more about the product they are talking about.

Your influencer(s) are known within their communities as connectors.  A connector is someone you want branding your business. They are able to share in a real way their experience of your product. Before the Verizon Influencer’s Summit, I was a little concerned about not being tech-savvy enough to keep up with others in the group. What I found was a group of real people. Some tech-savvy and others just like me. A common thread was we were all people interested in learning about the product(s) we were branding and talking about. We had many questions and enjoyed talking honestly about the ins and outs of certain products we brand. We use the gadgets and talk about ways they can help us in everyday life. For example, the Samsung Gear 2 Watches:

Samsung Gear 2 Watches

Why would I want to stay connected out on a run or gardening? Maybe because I am waiting to hear from a parent or child or important job interview! Choose products that fit your influencer’s life styles.

3. Give your influencer(s) products to talk, write and share about, as well as use for their own personal day-to-day life. Your product should fit your influencer and be a no-brainer for them to want to chat about to their community. For example, if you own a dress boutique, you would want to find a woman that actually will wear your dresses out for others to see. They should compliment her life.

I am a “solopreneur.” I work from home or on the road. Products that fit my lifestyle are products that make it easy for me to work on-the-go. I also do workshops and many speaking presentations. One of my go-to gadgets is my Nokia Lumia Icon tablet.

Nokia LUMIA Icon
Nokia LUMIA Icon

It’s simple to use, small to carry, easy to charge, and I can hook up other devices to it, like my projector.

You may have influencers right in front of you chatting away daily on your social media platforms that would LOVE to promote your products, your business, and YOU! Look for the chatty ones that are posting relevant info to get their communities chatting (commenting) among themselves. Give them fun products that enhance their lives with a few simple guidelines on promoting these products.  Let your influencer(s) grow your business for you!


**Alaska Tracy receives a complimentary device and data service from Verizon Wireless. No additional compensation was received, and there is no promise of a positive review.  All opinions are my own.