Asking - what a powerful concept!
Asking – what a powerful concept!

Are you that person that automatically adds people to your email list, or groups you think a person might be interested in without asking their permission first?

I get it. You want to build your email list, grow your following …ultimately grow your business and your pocket book.

Want to know a secret?  Taking the time to ask permission first is a fantastic way to create relationships!!!  Granted, this way takes more time, as it actually involves reaching out to that person(s), one person at a time. But, I promise, it is SO worth it!

Here is how it works.  Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that you can be a part of.  You can also be the facilitator (leader) of that group.  So, here is an example:  I send you a friend request (or a connection request) because I see that you are in a business that I market to.  Let’s say Real Estate – that is my background so I will use that. Say I have a real estate group set up on LinkedIn and / or Facebook.  You decide to accept my friend request (or connection).  I, then, send you a simple email.  This email is sent after taking a minute or two to glance at your profile.  I want to make sure I know something about you.

The email goes something like this:  “Hi Sally, thank you for accepting my friend request.  I see you live in Upstate NY.  I was born and raised in that area and my family still lives there.  I see that there is a terrible blizzard there today – have you been affected by it?  I wondered if you would be interested in participating in a real estate networking group I have created on Facebook.  The benefit of the group is to learn social media / marketing tools and tips to grow your business while also enhancing your referral network.  There are real estate professionals from all over the globe in the group and each member gets a chance to facilitate so we really get to know each other. It is very casual and fun!  If you would like, I will add you to the group.  Thanks. Have a great day!”

What I did was let her know that I reviewed her profile.  I took a couple of minutes to look and see who she is and what she is about.  I showed her that I was interested in her.  I asked her a question to let her know this and to also connect using a commonality we have – ‘Upstate NY.’  I then asked her for permission to add her to the group. To take it one step further, I explained how joining would benefit her.

I removed any expectations I had in my head before hitting send, meaning regardless of her answer – acceptance or declination – to my adding her to the group, we still have a common connection in that we have both lived in upstate NY.  Who knows what will become of that!

People work with people they trust.  Building relationships take time and over time trust is earned.

Businesses that are built on trust seem to be in it for the long haul.

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