As I watched Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls on a Friday night in June,  I think to myself this guy is CRAZY!!!  What would possess someone to do this? Ego? Money and FAME?  

Later I watch interviews and learn of Wallenda’s background.  His family dates back to 1780…a Circus troupe family consisting of acrobats, jugglers, clowns, aerialists and animal trainers.  Performing is in his blood.  So when he dreamed of walking across Niagara and was told NO WAY from both the USA and Canada he was more determined to make this a reality.  TWO years later he did it as millions watched!

Wallenda speaks at schools encouraging children to listen to their heart, to follow their dreams to dream BIG!  That anything in life is possible!  He speaks all over the world encouraging people to pursue what is deep with in them.  Listening to him talk, I felt a connection to him.  He seems so real, honest and genuine.  I get the feeling that he is trying to help others to achieve their goals and that many do because of him.

Not all of us aspire to walk across Niagara Falls, however, do you  picture living a different life than the one you currently have? Do you day dream about writing that book, opening that business, traveling the world, or maybe having more time to do what you want to do?  What is HOLDING you back from this life?  Maybe it is money? Maybe it is listening to others tell you this is as good as it gets?  Only you know what keeps you in present situation.

I encourage you to look within today.  Ask yourself if you could do anything in LIFE today, what would it be?  Then ask yourself WHAT is holding you back?  Life is so very precious and goes by so quickly.  Life is an adventure!  Ask someone that you admire how they have gotten where they are today ask them if they would mentor you.  Follow people on Social Media that are living their dreams.  Watch what they do ask them questions.  GO FOR IT!!! Take the steps today to LIVE the LIFE you DESIRE!!!

* Picture from LA Times: