I have found these to be key when building my community via Social Networking.  This is my experience only….what has worked and continues to work for me.

1.  Better to leave your personal views on politics and religion off your wall/page.  My mother told me years ago that many controversial problems are created when discussing these personal issues.  Posting the news and facts on issues is another story….

2. Engage in conversations.  Ask others (and businesses) questions on their wall/page to get them to engage.  4 a day is a good start (this takes 5-15 minutes).

3.  Share community events, pictures, things that spark interest.  You will know if you get ‘likes’, ‘comments’, and the ultimate…’shares’!   

4.  Let your community know what you do for a living with out cramming it down their throats.  Promoting yourself ALL the time is a turn off!  Quickest way to promote is to promote others.

5. Thank your community out loud! When someone adds you as a friend go to their page and thank them!  When they comment to a post – respond (the busier you get the less you will be able to respond to each and every person, however do your best).  These are your fans – let them know how important they are to you!  Flattery and acts of kindness will move you forward!!!

Go out and shine on others!  

Alaska Tracy ~ ‘follow me’ here to help you succeed!