Monday, Motivation & Honesty

I have experienced feelings of being ‘not good enough‘ lately.  Yes me, the Motivational, Social Media Coach! I think it is good for me to share the good and the bad about life.  As we all know, life has it’s ups and downs.  I believe it to be all my perception!

So…how do I stop listening to the ‘head chatter‘?  The chatter often tells me things that are not true.  Some times my heart listens to the chatter.  That is a scary place for me.  The chatter says things like, you will never amount to anything, you are a financial nightmare, you will never be good enough.  WOW! Pretty harsh chatter that goes on in my head.  The chatter keeps me up at night.  The chatter stops me from pursuing dreams and goals.  The chatter pushes me far away from the ones I love.  The chatter is unhealthy!

The ‘head chatter’ must be stopped!!!! Time to open the tool kit I have been blessed with over 45 years on this planet.  The tool kit is loaded with goodness.  There are phone numbers in the kit.  Phone numbers of other women that I can call and ask how they are doing.  The tool kit was recently blessed with over 200 women in a Facebook Group that I created.  They are business women like myself.  I can ask…how are you doing?  What are you challenged with today.  I have 2 businesses with hundreds of clients that I can call and say-how are you doing today.  The key for me is to listen to them when I ask the question.  Also  the tool box gives me instructions on ways to sit still with the God of my understanding and ask for guidance and direction.  Again I must sit still and listen.  The tool kit tells me to Eat right, get enough sleep and exercise.  The tool kit tells me to be kind and loving to myself.  Then and only then can I be kind to others-especially the ones closest to me.

These are just a few of the tools that I am using this Monday morning.  Already I feel a bit more motivated to be just a little bit nicer to myself and others. I hope the tools are helpful in your life today!

Alaska Tracy ~ ‘follow me’…  here to Coach you and your business in Social Media and Motivation!