Are you a BLOGGER?  What do you Blog about?  Where do you get your topics?  What time of day do you BLOG?  Has it helped your biz to GROW?  Word Press or Blogger?

I have accepted the commitment to blog for 31 days in a row…starting today.  I am already learning quite a bit on my 1st day of the challenge.  The 1st thing…..I do not know my way around my blog site-yes that is the TRUTH!

I am not sure if I should change to Word Press?  Thoughts?   I have a tendency to avoid the ‘task’ at hand however by trying to learn Word Press I would be avoiding actually blogging.  I can spend hours tooling around on the web and forget what task I had originally intending on doing.  Does this sound like something you do?

So…day one got off to a late start.  We got home from a weekend away.  Ok…again the truth, I typed up a blog on the plane.  I somehow can not figure out the format/design so recreated a new blog.  There must be an easier way?

I am looking for your help with this challenge.  Like everything in life, accountability from others is key for me. The more people I can be accountable to and share this experience the better.  This is the web site for the Ultimate 31 day challenge:  Just sign up, subscribe to my blog, let me know your blog site so I can do the same and let’s do this TOGETHER!!!  

I am looking forward to nothing but POSITIVE results from this fun learning challenge!  Are you IN?!

Alaska Tracy ~ Here to Coach and Inspire you !!!