Decision Choose Change or  Same Old Street

As the second week of 2014 comes and goes, how are your plans for the year coming along?  Are you happy with the space you are in? Maybe already overwhelmed and feeling as if you set too high of goals?  Be gentle with yourself.  As I type this, I am reminding myself to reflect on exactly where I was one year ago: the feelings I had, the fears, goals and the desires for 2013.  This helps to center me in the present and to be filled with gratitude for all the forward movement in the last 12 months.

There are three things to consider when moving forward, while being gentle with your soul, and having some fun along the way.

1. Delegate. – what gets you “stuck”? For example: bookkeeping, blogging, newsletter, time sheets, hiring, etc.
What do you DREAD doing on a weekly basis? Can you possibly hire it out? I have found terrific sites, such as or for “tasks” to hire out or let people bid on projects.  How about hiring a virtual assistant? A bookkeeper, maybe? I have had a bookkeeper since the very first business I owned in 2005. I had NO money; however, being dyslexic, I knew I had to have help in this area. The money came. And therefore, I have always had money to pay my bookkeeper.

2. Step away from the business. – This does not mean rest on your laurels.  It means finding something that ignites your soul and try doing it daily.  It does not have to be HUGE like training for a marathon.  My pleasure is my dogs and getting into nature daily.  It calms my soul, helps them live happier lives and generally is good for all – I even have found marketing opportunities doing this. (Email me for details.)

3. Have a plan with goals.  A calendar with goals and their deadlines is a great tool.  I have pulled apart a large calendar and laminated it, where I write my visions, goals and the deadlines.  The key is to actually look at the calendar and to set realistic goals.  I have been known to set off-the-chart goals and then get frustrated when I do not come close to achieving them.

This being said, don’t allow your possible lack of progress so far this year hold you back for the weeks to come. Here is to the second full week of 2014.  May your heart be light!

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