My head is constantly filled with chatter telling me things like, “you are not good enough,” and words such as, “cannot,” “should have,” “why did you,” “what are you,”…the list goes on and on! Here are three tools that have been passed on to me to inspire my soul and turn the chatter down and into positive reinforcing thoughts. When I continue to ‘practice’ doing these things, my days are more likely to be filled with contribution and love. When I practice positivity, I am able to get out of the way of abandon my big old Ego and be helpful to others. This allows for growth in all areas of my life including being a leader in social media/marketing and business. Note the key word: PRACTICE. Do not beat yourself up for not being perfect!

1. Carry an attitude of Gratitude ~ Remain in gratitude throughout the day. Walking, running, exercising while creating a gratitude list in your head starting with A and going thru the alphabet, etc, are examples of how to practice gratitude each day. An example for ‘A’ is being grateful for America, etc. I do this when I am running. I have found that writing a daily gratitude list is helpful and rewarding.

2. Reach out to five to ten people a day ~ What do I mean by ‘reach out?’ Pick up the phone, comment on social media, email, text, talk to a stranger. Often times I will comment or post on someone’s Facebook profile simple words such as, “I am thinking of you right this second and wishing you a great day.” This allows our brains to get out of ‘self’ and think about another. 99% of the time, I get a reply from the person. Win/Win!

3. Pray/Meditate ~Whether you tap into the universe through God, a Higher Power, Mother Earth, etc., be sure to do it daily and often. I pray, but I am not religious. Often times my prayer is as simple as, “I turn my will and life over to you (Universe), help me to be kind and loving to all my fellows.” By letting go, you become open to finding a connection to something big and powerful (not someone). This opens a channel for love to ooze in, and who doesn’t want more love in their life? To experience this magic, tap into the universe and do it often.

From Alaska Tracy’s tool kit. These tools were freely passed on to me, enjoy and share them! ​