Think about your Audience before you post ~

I have never been know to hold back my thoughts or opinions..and often this has resulted in loss of friendships as well as other unpleasantries in life.  I like to think that in my mid 40s I have learned a few great lessons, although I am still no where’s near perfect.  Darn it!!!!

As I continue to learn Social Media and teach to others, I observe many people often cringing when  reading a posting. As I small child my mother taught me 3 important rules of etiquete that I struggled all my life to follow!  However, I take them to heart in my Social Promoting.  

I will always have opinions, that is part of being human, however certain opinions and beliefs I share only with those closest to my life.  I have a LARGE demographic of potential and current clients and do not want to single out a particular group by my opinions.  I also am not in a career that I need to let the world know certain opinions I have, example;  I am not a politician or Religious leader.  I understand other people are in careers that behove them to let the world know their opinions and beliefs.   So as I post these 3 Oopsie’s remember only you know your AUDIENCE!!! 

I keep all my own opinions and beliefs of:


… myself!  There have been many many MANY times I have wanted to interject my thoughts on one of these topics.  I have had to shut my computer down many nights to ‘get away from making an oopsy posting!.’  I remain true to my business mission.  My opinions of these 3 topics have no place in my business.

You may not agree with my opinion on this,  and that is ok.  Again, we ALL get to have opinions!  That is the wonderful part of Social Media!  We all get to create our own Digital Foot Print…and for that I am grateful!

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