A company’s Database is still the ‘king’ for getting leads and leads that become sales.  A database is a fantastic way to build relationships. Here are 3 hot tips to grow your database today!

I.  Create a strategic database campaign that will ‘feed’ your database throughout the year.  You can use Constant Contact  or Mail Chimp to create simple, classy newsletters.  Keep them short and give your readers something that they can use.  Remember less is best! Try not over ‘feeding’…ie;  you may annoy and get ‘unsubscribed’ if you send too many newsletters, emails, etc.  Think of how many emails per day you receive, and how many you actually read!  When I was practicing real estate, I sent a monthly newsletter, new listings, and new sales I had all via an email post card.  It was short and sweet.  I got good comments from my database telling me they loved my emails and a very low unsubscribe rate.

II.  A simple way to keep adding people to your database is to ask them.  I am one of those people that ask before I put someone on my database list.  I despise getting added to a list that I have not given permission.  How do you ask?  Simple question, ‘may I update you from time to time with tools and tips on business and social media that may help grow your business?’  Insert word(s) appropriate for your business.  Be genuine when asking. People really appreciate the opportunity to say yes or no….and to be asked!

III.  Stand out!!! What can you do or give to your database that will not break the bank but be memorable?  Magnetic calendars, recipes, or something completely out of the box!  Something that you ca In the spring, I pass out Forget-Me-Not seed packets with my business card attached.  Alaska’s state flower is the Forget-Me-Not.  I have become known as the Forget-Me-Not gal!  Put on your thinking caps and get creative (or go to your clever marketing guru).

Photo Credit:  Found on visme.co
Photo Credit: Found on visme.co

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