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Episode #35 Author Karlene Cameron on Perseverance

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Welcome to this week’s episode of The Alaska Tracy’s Podcast. I am honored that you are listening! Please subscribe for more goodness and feel free to share and or comment. What an honor to connect and get to know the amazing Karlene Cameron.  Karlene and I connected on Twitter (again great way to build your business and life).  She is an author, Business Owner, Marketing Professional, Professor, Mom, and Wife. Her story is a story of perseverance, belief, and determination to become a published author of 5 books. For years she worked in the corporate world and still does as a marketing professional.  She also taught as a University professor. 13 years ago she found herself going through the motions of a horribly boring daily routine craving something more.  She was feeling unfulfilled, trudging through each day and at the time a single mom raising 3 young children. She was working …

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