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Episode 22 – When Messy Sets In

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Thank you for listening to today’s episode of the Alaska Tracy Podcast! It is a MESSY week. Being creative is messy. Ideas float through my head all the time. Every 5 years, I change things up in my business and my life. The truth is, I thrive on change. The reality is we all do. Imagine a world of stagnation? How dull and boring it would be. So, how do we deal with the change in everyday life? How do we deal with the fast-paced world of Social Media where information is literally thrown our way all day, every day? How does one deal with creating a new career, business, family, or life? First, it is going to get MESSY. That is the reality. How we deal with the mess is another story. When messes set in, I want to crawl under the covers, eat sugar, and avoid all contact …

Episode 21 Vision Reboot

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Welcome to Episode 21 — thanks for listening in! Has your spirit seemed restless over the last few weeks? Odds are against us with the hurricanes, earthquakes, full moon and change of seasons; but whatever the reason may be, there seems to be a bit of craziness in the air. This week, I wanted to offer the opportunity to reboot your soul and spirit. I create show notes for those who would rather read rather than listen; however, this week’s podcast is a guided meditation. I am going to invite you to listen in from a comfy position (preferably away from behind the wheel of your car), and I will guide you through this gentle, loving meditation for your busy, restless mind. Dial in, enjoy, and grab ahold of the experience that can delight your soul! Click Subscribe for more goodness!

Episode 20 – Shift: What Happens When You Live a Heart Centered Life

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Welcome to Episode 20!! Thank you for being on the journey with me. When I started the Biz Vizion podcast, the goal was to record for three months and then launch my social media business course after that. Instead, I’ve had another shift in business and in life. As an entrepreneur for almost 15 years, one would think I would be used to these shifts. I still fall into “fear mode” when these shifts start, which is quickly followed by sleepless nights of excitement and visions of what’s to come next. My feet hit the floor and out comes the Vision Board, and the action steps begin for the next chapter!  Years ago, I asked the universe to guide me to a business that was forever stimulating, intriguing, helping others and pushing my brain skills. Be careful what you pray for — This business has forever changed me and my …

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