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Episode 19 – With Founder of Bambino’s Baby Food – Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas

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Thank you for listening to this week’s Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy.  This week, Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas shares some heartfelt testimonies about how and why she started Bambinos Baby Food.  Zoi says, “We are not just a baby food company; we are an extension of your love and commitment to your family.” Bambino’s celebrates their Grand Opening on September 1st by opening their new manufacturing location and retail store front at 2819 Spenard in Anchorage, Alaska. Bambinos Baby Food is a national natural, organic baby food company that ships 24 meals directly to parents’ doorsteps.  So yes, you can order if you live outside of Alaska!  The flavors are delicious.  I tried the salmon – it was like a creamy bisque, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I fed it to my husband for dinner! Guess what? He liked it too! The baby food is nutritionally focused to address allergies …

Episode 18 – Itchy Soul Syndrome

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Thank you for listening to this week’s Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy, Episode 18. This week’s episode is created via Alaska Tracy’s Facebook Live. I have run into a few people in the community and also some of my newsletter subscribers who have told me they were confused with everything I have going on. So, a quick recap. Once a week on Alaska Tracy’s Facebook Business Page, I share a business, social media, or inspirational tip and tool. I am LIVE it is either on a Tuesday or Thursday morning and is promoted ahead of time.  So, you can join in LIVE and comment, share your thoughts, bring your questions and connect with others, or you can watch it later, as it is recorded. I then take the recording and put it on my The Alaska Tracy Tube Channel, and I promote it on my newsletter.  This is called ‘repurposing’ your content.  If you are a business …

Episode 17 – Finance Professional Nicholas Coriano

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Thank you for listening in this week to Episode 17.  Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy continues to amaze me as the universe steadily provides astonishing connections in my direction.  In this week’s episode, I got to interview Nicholas ‘Nick’ Coriano from Connecticut.  Nick contacted and connected with me through Twitter. You can also watch this interview on Alaska Tracy’s YouTube channel: Alaska Tracy YouTube. Nick has been an entrepreneur since he was a teen.  He is quite diversified and passionate about all of his experiences and businesses.  I had a hard time keeping up with all of his energy!  Nick’s story is one of perseverance, determination, and giving back.  Nick is a multifaceted finance professional who was a former wall street executive and is currently a consultant to clients on 5 continents. Nick shares successes and mistakes throughout the interview.  He likes to remember them, share them and hopefully learn from them.  Nick is …

Episode 16 – Debbie Ashley – The Online Marketing Expert

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  Welcome to this week’s episode with guest Debbie Ashley of Thrivoo Marketing! The Universe has guided me to do this podcast so that I may inspire and help you by inspiring and teaching.  Each week the Universe continues to send the perfect people my way to help you along your journey in business and life. With each episode, it is my goal to find people that are passionate about their life and share their journey with you. Their stories prove that anything is possible with a vision and steps, which means you can achieve your vision, too. Oftentimes, by hearing other’s stories, we are able to let go and trust that we, too, can have big, rich, meaningful lives… that we can take that Leap of Faith — whatever that looks like.  For some, it may be leaving a boring job and creating a thriving business; for others, it may be taking …

Episode 15 – Instagram Expert Sue B

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    Welcome to this week’s episode with guest Sue B Zimmerman, Instagram Expert better known as Sue B. I have been following,  learning, and watching Sue B grow her business for the last four years.  Her story amazes me. She graduated with a degree in nutrition and has become a well-recognized, wildly successful social media and business consultant and speaker.  This is another testimonial proving that anything is possible when you apply a Vision, positive mindset, and oodles of hard work! Sue B’s first business was at the ripe, old age of 13, and she has gone on to create more than 18 businesses.  Her actions match her motto:  “Don’t stop until you get there.”  Sue B’s determination is infectious! Do you ever scroll through social media and find yourself comparing yourself to others? Maybe others in your industry or a similar industry?  Maybe wondering how they make it look so …

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