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Episode 14 – Success and Wellness Coach Sally Thibault

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Welcome to this week’s episode with Sally Thibault.  It was an honor to interview Sally, all the way from Queensland, Australia. Sally and I met via Mari Smith’s social media coaching group back in 2012 in San Diego.  Another testimonial of the power of creating and growing relationships via social media. What a journey we both have had over the last 5 years, and a treasure to stay in touch and watch each other evolve. Sally is a Success and Wellness Coach, as well as a mentor, speaker, counselor, author, and trainer. She’s also extremely knowledgeable in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). As an author, she published two books: David’s Gift Asperger’s Life and Love and Tapping to Reclaim You.   It was fascinating to learn about Sally’s work and how she helps women to achieve success and create transformations in their lives while breaking through old, built-up patterns. I was ready to sign up! Who knows, Sally and I …

Episode 13 NYC Social Media Expert Erin Kim

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Welcome to this week’s episode! What a gift and honor to meet Erin Kim and interview her. Erin and I met at a mutual friend’s wedding four hours outside of Anchorage. It was an all-weekend wedding at a remote lodge, and Erin’s very first wedding and first trip to Alaska! Yup, her very first wedding she traveled all the way from NYC to a remote lodge in Alaska!  It was a cool, rainy weekend, and we had a blast! Social Media, is all about being social and creating relationships to enhance businesses and lives.  That weekend, especially,  was an opportunity to meet new people from all over the country, including a Grammy-award winning trumpeter!  I was reminded of the importance of the human connection without technology. WiFi was limited and conversations were flowing. As my husband and I were mingling with new friends, the conversation transitioned to Facebook, and many people …

Episode 12 Fear Holding you back?

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Listen to this week’s Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy, featuring special guest Jeanette Gardiner with Seastar Strategies. I was a little stuck in fear when Jeanette started following me on Facebook and commenting on my business posts.  Why? Because we have very similar consulting businesses.   I have not had the best luck with other consultants or marketing companies in my community, and I was basing my contempt prior to investigation on this.  I went into “lack of abundance” mode.  What that looks like for me is fear of the unknown and mostly that someone else may get something that I think I deserve. Oh, that fear can be crippling.  Can you relate? It was several months before I allowed the fear to move on through me and started paying attention to Jeanette.  It was then that I learned why the universe wanted us to connect.  I don’t believe in coincidences and realized …

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