Secret Agent of God

For many years past, I used one word as a mantra for the upcoming year.  The word gets written on my vision board, on my whiteboard, in my planner, anywhere that helps me to visualize the word throughout the year.

This year, four words have chosen me!  They came to me over coffee with friends in Maui.  Someone tossed out the words “Agent of God”… I tossed in “Secret Agent of God”.  It stuck and has stayed with me since returning home in Anchorage.

What these words mean to me: to practice random acts of GIVING without sharing with the world the good deed.  Setting an intention to practice daily acts of kindness with no one knowing. When getting annoyed by the behavior of someone over the last few weeks, a little voice in my head said, “what would a Secret Agent of God do in this situation?”  This created a pause in my actions.  It helped me refrain from what I actually wanted to say to the person.  I ended up having a wonderful heartfelt conversation that created a closer love for her and strengthened our friendship.

It seems to me that we have become a world filled with social sharing, especially our good deeds – or maybe that is what I do instead of doing acts with no expectations for grandeur or glory.  I often wonder how I have gotten to this point of sharing certain things with the world on the interweb!  I grew up in a smallish community where kind acts to each other and our neighbors were the norm.

This does not mean I will completely stop social sharing.  Creating awareness with the hopes of helping to change a life via my 100,000+ followers on my social networks is a simple way to help create awareness.  It means daily acts of randomness need not be shared 😉

A little over 18 years ago, I was introduced to these random acts of goodness and not telling anyone.  I remember first hearing, “if you tell someone your act, you have to do another one” and thinking, no WAY!  By experience and practice, I have come to believe it WORKS!  It is a powerful tool to grow and enrich one’s life.  Each time I have practiced acts of goodness, the rewards are nothing shy of miraculous gifts of LOVE.  Taking it one step further, not telling anyone the act creates a whole new experience deep within the heart.

I am often filled with selfishness and egocentrism, and sometimes, I let my perception of what others think of me get in the way of my serenity.  I have to practice acts of goodness often.  They bring me ease and comfort 99.9% of the time.  I am a MORE junky and want ease and comfort and good juju!!!  So, I am taking it up a notch – going deeper, creating “intention” surrounding the words and actions, “Secret Agent of God”.

I will create an intention today and for 2017 to be a Secret Agent of GOD.

What word or words will surround your 2017? (you are welcome to borrow mine)!!!

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