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Authentic Announcement Day!!!

Posted on by Tracy in authentic, Social Community | 4 Comments

Hello, and welcome to SPRING!! Today, I celebrate my Authentic Announcement with you! Throughout the weeks leading up to my Authentic Announcement today, I have been asked continuously, “what is an Authentic Announcement?” Words that come to mind when I think Authenticity are; not false, true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, Authenticity (philosophy) a particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal rather than external ideas. When I decided to listen to the ‘internal’ voice within me, I was guided to Alaska Tracy, Motivational Social Media Coaching. As I started teaching, speaking, and coaching others on how to grow their Social Community, all sorts of wonderful things happened internally. I found a peace and calmness that I have been seeking my whole life. I found strength in sharing what I have learned with others and in helping them to be the best they can …

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