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Take Time Today to SEE the MIRACLE!

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I almost missed the Miracle the other day at the Dog Park because I was SO BUSY! Do you ever have a million things (or what seems like a million things) on your plate?  Do you ever feel so busy you do not have time to stop and chit chat?  I do.  I think when I start feeling that way and telling others just how busy I am, it is a way for me to distance myself from others.  When I am chatting about how busy I am, I feel superior to others and eventually inferior.  Not sure if you can relate or not. I never want to be too BUSY that I miss out on what is really important in life.  I am hopeful as I share this story, you will be inspired to slow down and see a miracle today. Eddie and I show up to the Dog Park the other day. …

FUN Exercise Finally ~ Part II

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NO MORE Abuse! ….Letting GO!!! After completing my 2nd marathon in 2006, I stopped running marathons. I felt inspired and grateful to have had the opportunity to do two of these 26.2 runs for the Leukemia Team in Training.  These events had coaches, mentors and others that were training and fundraising. This was an amazing opportunity to train in a fun, healthy environment and not feel the need to beat myself up for not running fast enough.  I was truly happy to just be able to complete them! The yoyo dieting continued.  I tried eating one meal a day, only eating protein, eating 6 times a day.  Nothing seemed to help with the OBSESSION of FOOD!  It was 5 years ago when I gave up sugar.  This helped tremendously.  I also started eating religiously 3 meals a day.  No more skipping meals and then crashing and burning. No more eating hot …

FUN Exercise Finally ~ Part 1

Posted on by Tracy in abuse, exercise, food | 2 Comments

Easy Does It ~ Over the years, I have abused my body with food, no food and exercise.  At 45 years old I have let go and allowed myself to love and appreciate my body.  Punishing is no longer allowed. I do not know when it happened that I started being uncomfortable in my body.  Maybe 13…maybe at birth.  I always wanted to be ‘thinner’.  I would thrived on starving.  For some reason, I felt more energy, more ‘in control’ of my life when I did this.  It would come and go in waves.  Sometimes I would gain weight and then I would get so uncomfy, I would STARVE and get really ‘thin’.  I thrived on the compliments from others.  All the compliments however could not stop the inner voice from saying terrible things about myself.  I was never good enough. I was the swim team captain in high school. …

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