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Why You Need a Facebook Biz Page

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WHY To Have a Biz Facebook Page I hear and see many business owners not wanting to create a Business Facebook Page.  Why you ask, would I create yet another Social networking platform. I have all I can do to keep up with a personal profile.  It works fine for my business. I recently asked a group of business owners their thoughts.  I got wonderful feedback.  Mostly positive about creating a seperate business page to promote their businesses.  All of them reported getting positive response and new business. Five Pros to having a Biz Facebook Page: Insights ~ The new Page Admin Panel creates a simple tool for showing you a tracking graph and numbers.  You can see from week to week your overall insights and TRACK, TRACK, TRACK! 4601.32% Friends of Fans? 216,9663.1% People Talking About This? 49-37.97% Weekly Total Reach? 2,43728.67% Postings Insights ~ For each post you …

Profile of a ‘Perfect’ Coaching Client

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Alaska Tracy ~  Enriching lives via Social Media & Motivational Coaching My business was created because I genuinely love to help people find their true desires in life and guide them to these desires. Since starting a business 11 years ago, I always have had a ‘Coach’ or a business advisor helping me with business goals and decisions.  A person outside the business that can give me constructive criticism and I can be accountable to.  This, I believe has been the key to all the businesses I have owned successes. My experience is not all people that I have hired have ‘worked’ out for me.  Meaning, I am not able to understand all coaching styles.  Some people just do not ‘fit.’  This is not a reflection on them or me, it is just we all have a unique learning ability and not everyone ‘fits’ each others styles. I have hired Coaches and …

Magical DOGS – LAST PART !

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GOD = DOG …And then there was Eddie Orca J did send him!  She had been gone two weeks and I was on the SEARCH for our next 4-legged house-mate!  Hubby said puppies did not fit our busy life style.  We both believe in Rescuing dogs and mixed breeds and I searched all the shelters in Anchorage hourly! I thought I had convinced Bobby that Shepherd/St Bernard mix puppies would be perfect for us!  There were 8 available at the local shelter.  He said, ‘no puppies, however I will meet you there to look.’  I had an odd feeling in my stomach about a puppy.  Also, a need to ‘go look.’   We met at 5 p.m.  We walked into a stinky, loud shelter in town (they are no longer around).  The third kennel down on the left….there he was, Eddie.  We both stopped.  He had Orca J’s head…and well…a corgi …

Magical DOGS Part II

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GOD = DOG Orca Jean We loved her…..  Orca Jean.    She got to experience being groomed on a regular basis and being known for being one of the cleanest dogs on the block.  See, I had always wanted to own an animal business.  I created Alaska’s only Mobile Dog Grooming service, Rub-a-Dub Dog Inc.  Orca Jean came to live with us right before I sold the business.  I loved hanging with Dogs all day long! Orca Jean had a connection to Moose.  It was amazing.  The only thing I could figure was that I have never been afraid of these massive beings. I have a respect for them, but not a fear.  We would be out walking or running and practically run into a Moose.  We never had a bad encounter.  At times we would just stop and watch the Moose close by us. Orca J would sit calmly and watch. …

Magical DOGS Part I

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GOD = DOG While running thru the woods with my current best dog friend, Eddie ~ ‘the Public Figure’, I was trying to think of a title for this Blog post.  There are NO words humanly possible to describe the love of a dog! Magical just came to my mind.  The relationship to the current furry being, the three that have gone before him, and the many growing up have been somewhat of a ‘Spiritual Experience’ in my life. Reno (a German Shepherd) & Cheyenne (a Golden Retriever) were 10 and 14 when they passed on to their next life. They came into my life in my 20s.  Reno was a reflection of the scared person I was.  I carried her until she was 40lbs.  (I know…..) I created a scared German Shepherd who was very protective of me.  She also did not like Cheyenne.  Cheyenne came into Reno’s life at 6 …

What is YOUR Social Media PURPOSE?

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Do you know your PURPOSE? …or are you just on Social Media …because? I have learned that my purpose for Social Media is to Enrich & Inspire others lives!  I Coach how to effectively engage and create a Social Community that feeds your purpose in life.  I love when I am Coaching ….usually session #2 or #3 when the client has the ahhhaaaaa!!!!!  It is about GIVING back First and foremost.  When you are giving back to others that is truly when the magic begins to happen and your Social Community begins to GROW and Enrich your business and more importantly your LIFE!Go out and GIVE to your Social Community today! 

Pissed OFF List!

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Let Go of the Past While reading Danielle LaPorte, ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ I was reminded how blessed I have been to hang with people that have encouraged me to LET GO of my past! It has changed my life! However, I run into people all the time that do not carry the same tool kit.  They CLING to past mistakes or mistakes others have done.  They feel victimized.  This is a tough spot to be in.  I wonder how they can move on with their lives, their goals and desires?  It is painful to watch.  Does this feel like you?  Do you want to be FREE? 10 tools to LET GO TODAY! Breath in and exhale long and SLOWLY 3 times. Grab a sheet of paper and pen (NOT your computer!) Write this sentence:  “I am pissed off at PERSON, PLACE or THING”               …

Funny thing, FAMILY

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Related Sometimes I wonder if I would ‘hang out’ with family members if we weren’t related.  Kind of an odd thought and yet….I am not sure I would.  Course, I tend to be a loner, so…. Visits from Family Each time I visit a family member or family comes to visit me, I get to know myself a little bit better.  The older I get …the less I know about life and the more comfy I get in my own skin. At 45, I am finally able to let my guard down.  Not completely, however more than last year or even 6 months ago. I have no BIG secrets.  No BIG dramas in my life.  I lead a pretty uncomplicated, simple life and am hopeful I am able to be an example of some sort of grace.   I have always been one to keep those closest to me at …


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To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. — inaccurately attributed to  Ralph Waldo Emerson   Success…What does it mean to you?  Who inspires you?  Do you watch someone and think, how do they do what they do?  Do you feel amazingly upbeat when around a certain person?   Several years ago, I was taking a class and was given an assignment to go to three people that I thought were successful and ask them if I could do a 15-20 …

Grow your Biz ~ Grow your LIFE!

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Do you want your business to thrive?  Do you want your life to change and grow? It is EASY and CHEAP ~ and requires effort on your part.It is an amazing thing to do,’CONNECT’ with others!  I work with business owners all the time that tell me they are not extrovert like me.  Truth be told-I am not a true extrovert!  I am more of a home body-I dislike crowds and get exhausted when talking to others all day.  I have learned TOOLS needed to CONNECT and so can you!  If you decide down the road you HATE doing this-HIRE someone to be the Connector of your business.  However, you may find ways to CONNECT that work for you and your personality.Your mission is to CONNECT to as many people through out the day as possible.  WHAT you ask, speak to others?!!! CRAZY talk you say! THREE ways to GROW!  Ready-set-GROW!!!1. …

Head Chatter

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When Your Head is CRAZY Talking What do you do?  Thoughts zooming by so fast you can barely keep up with them. Negative, positive, more than you can handle tasks.  Thought after thought, making you unfocused and drained. Several things to DO to STOP the Chatter at once! Call someone you know is having a tough time ~ ask them how they are doing and listen to them Put on your running shoes and grab your dog ~ get outside!  Breath in nature, exhale out mindless chatter!   Some form of EXERCISE  Take a hot bath. Doodle with colored pens or pencils.  Doodle positive words, thoughts, pictures. Get OFF the computer for 20-45 minutes. Listen to fun upbeat music-dance and sing. Spend time with an animal…brushing, loving, walking….doing something with that critter. Write a GRATITUDE list! (Pen and Paper) Clean out the refrigerator. Read a FUN book.  Something that makes …

Your Home’s Soul

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What feelings do you have when walking through your front door?   My perception growing up was to always look good on the outside-regardless of what is happening on the inside. Like I said, this is only my perception.  Sometimes I feel my perception was not always the truth.   However….it is my feelings and I have learned to honor them and not always believe them.

Stupid NO MORE!

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Years ago, I knew I wanted to be a business owner, however I had always thought of myself as ‘stupid.’  When it came to academics, I struggled! I used creativity and a bubbly personality (which was often exhausting) to help me through challenging times like High School, College and Trade Schools.  When it came to learning out of a book or a class room I had all I could do to get by with a C.  Often times Ds and Fs were it for me.  I cheated and often leaned into friends and teachers that I thought could help me.   I felt ‘less than’ and hopeless.  I was determined to go into business for myself.  I was unsure how or where to start the process.  A good friend suggested that I seek help from a Business Development Career Counselor, David Goodenough.   With a name like Goodenough,  I knew he was going …

3 Posting ‘Oopsie’s’

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Think about your Audience before you post ~ I have never been know to hold back my thoughts or opinions..and often this has resulted in loss of friendships as well as other unpleasantries in life.  I like to think that in my mid 40s I have learned a few great lessons, although I am still no where’s near perfect.  Darn it!!!! As I continue to learn Social Media and teach to others, I observe many people often cringing when  reading a posting. As I small child my mother taught me 3 important rules of etiquete that I struggled all my life to follow!  However, I take them to heart in my Social Promoting.   I will always have opinions, that is part of being human, however certain opinions and beliefs I share only with those closest to my life.  I have a LARGE demographic of potential and current clients and …

In Sync with the Universe

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When do you feel the ALIVE?  Where do you feel ‘RIGHT’ with the Universe?  How do you honor those moments?ALWAYS for me, it is when I am in Nature!  Often in the woods running or playing with Eddie.  I get to live in a magical place Anchorage, Alaska.  It is a place filled with outdoor adventures!  The scenery and wildlife in this State are breathtaking and always amazing!   I believe nature is a gift to all of us regardless of where we live.  When I remember to take the time to admire the gifts, I am filled with gratitude!  I am filled with a connection to the Universe.  A feeling of peace and contentment.  Years ago, I got rid of my gym membership.  I knew that this would force me outdoors more often ~ and it has.  Granted when it is 10 below and DARK it is very difficult.  This past year I joined a Yoga studio …

Is Your Message Being Heard?

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Socially Gifted?  The Tipping Point Is your Business, your Product, your Message getting heard?  Is it being sent to the right people to create a BUZZ? A Change?   I recently stumbled upon Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’, while looking in Wikipedia for words to describe my mission statement. In Gladwell’s book he states, “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.”  The book is about change and how ideas, products, messages and services spread like viruses to create a change, a message, a product, an epidemic!  Social Media Sites are one example of an epidemic.  Gifted Social beings known to have one of 3 types of personality are responsible for the change, delivering the message, creating the BUZZ!    The Connectors:  people that are acquainted with people in all social circles and have an ability to connect one another.  They …


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It can be daunting the amount of stimulation received daily from Social Media. As a Coach, the biggest complaint I hear is ‘I AM OVERWHELMED!!!!!’The 2nd complaint is TIME! Business owners continually tell me, ‘I do not have the time to learn how to be effective with ‘Social Media.’  I have too many other tasks as the owner than to keep up with Social Media.”    Secrets to Over Stimulation & TIME Management:  Start with one Social Media Avenue ie; Facebook (FB).  Learn it, and build a Community that you are engaging with.  Create your company Business Page and FAN Community.  Do NOT jump ship on FB until you are engaging with your community ie; getting feedback on your comments. Learn another Social Avenue such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, or one of the endless other Social Media Avenues out there. Use an Alarm (check out Google Chrome Web Store -Alarms) and a Calendar (paper is best so you can …


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We are SOCIAL beings!  Many of us think we are ‘loners’ however we are all Social Beings!  Conversation is a large part of the way human beings communicate.  When you see someone you know do you say ‘hi, how are you doing?’  Conversations are a connection to one another.Social Media is just a connection to other Social Beings.  It is a way to communicate and explore others.What is your perception of ‘Social Media‘?  Are you ‘clueless?’  Do you watch others growing businesses using Social Media and wonder how they are achieving their success?  You can do it too!!! It is just about being Social and communicating with others.Here are THREE easy, simple tools that you can start using today to start connecting via Social Media, ways that are proven to GROW your Social Community.1.  Start engaging with your community.  Go to your friends profiles say hello,  see what they are doing. …

Achieve the LIFE You DESIRE

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As I watched Nik Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls on a Friday night in June,  I think to myself this guy is CRAZY!!!  What would possess someone to do this? Ego? Money and FAME?   Later I watch interviews and learn of Wallenda’s background.  His family dates back to 1780…a Circus troupe family consisting of acrobats, jugglers, clowns, aerialists and animal trainers.  Performing is in his blood.  So when he dreamed of walking across Niagara and was told NO WAY from both the USA and Canada he was more determined to make this a reality.  TWO years later he did it as millions watched!Wallenda speaks at schools encouraging children to listen to their heart, to follow their dreams to dream BIG!  That anything in life is possible!  He speaks all over the world encouraging people to pursue what is deep with in them.  Listening to him talk, I felt a connection to …


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The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence on July 4th, 1776.What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word? For years, I thought Independence meant to stand alone, to be FULLY self sufficient.  To never ask for help.  To be financially ‘set’ (whatever that means). Over the years, I have learned it is completely the opposite! Independence, means trusting others.  Asking for their help.  Realizing that I am not better than or less than, just one of!  I get to work and be financially responsible (regardless of the career I have). I get to learn from others that have gone before me how to do things in life…. it may be just a little easier because they have taken the path first.  I get …

LO Mojo?

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Three Tips for turning your day around. I teach and encourage MOTIVATION!  However am not always inspired and motivated.  I have gathered a ‘tool kit’ over the last 45 years for ‘Lo Mojo’ days.  The key is to pull out the tool kit and actually use a few of the tools in it! Life is so very precious and short.  Surround yourself with upbeat, positive, supportive people.  Encourage these people to tell you the truth ie;  you are complaining a lot lately.  Life surrounded by optimistic people that see life as a celebration instead of a challenge and struggle are much easier to be around.  They are attractive and draw other attractive people to them.   They shine bright lights ~ seek these people out!   Exercise is a wonderful lifter upper!!!  As well as a Dog!  Dogs always encourage you to stop what you are doing, put your running/walking …

31 DAYS of BLOGGING -Ready Set GO!!!

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 Are you a BLOGGER?  What do you Blog about?  Where do you get your topics?  What time of day do you BLOG?  Has it helped your biz to GROW?  Word Press or Blogger?I have accepted the commitment to blog for 31 days in a row…starting today.  I am already learning quite a bit on my 1st day of the challenge.  The 1st thing…..I do not know my way around my blog site-yes that is the TRUTH!I am not sure if I should change to Word Press?  Thoughts?   I have a tendency to avoid the ‘task’ at hand however by trying to learn Word Press I would be avoiding actually blogging.  I can spend hours tooling around on the web and forget what task I had originally intending on doing.  Does this sound like something you do?So…day one got off to a late start.  We got home from a weekend away. …

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