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Taking Action!

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When I am willing to put action steps on paper, I continually am AMAZED at the results!  I am always amazed-as this is the 3rd business I have had the opportunity to create and watch grow and evolve.  I feel blessed beyond words! For years and years I have wanted to help businesses, however I did not have a clear path of how to go about doing that.  So I would dabble. I would help out a friend here and there with writing a business plan or marketing ideas.  In my heart I knew helping businesses develop, grow and succeed is where my heart was.  I did not know how to start or where to go with a business.  I do know that every business has helped me to get to where I am today and that the businesses I own today will push me to the next. I always …

Communicate and GROW your Social Community!

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Are you communicating and providing topics that interests your social media community?  You are not sure you say-“I have hundreds of fans on my biz page”, my response, are they commenting on your posts? Are you interacting with them?  When you post something-do you get feedback? If the answer is NO, you are not providing content that interests your community.  Sorry, this is the TRUTH!Helpful tips:  1. Change your community.  Start adding businesses that may be interested in your content.                   2. Start adding content that intriques your community.  This is the strategy part…the thinking part.  Where you have to ‘do the work’. Maybe this is the part of your business that you dislike.  Maybe you are terrific at implementing all the other details of your business.  You do NOT have to be good at all parts of your business.  Why not focus your …

Action & then MORE Action!

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My 2012 goals are written!  Now the implementation of them-this is the part I usually find ‘other’ things to do…laundry, shopping, eating..anything but creating the action steps to obtain the goals.  I like to think I am unique and no one else does this, however I think I am not alone in this area. For today, I will do just a small amount of work on this area.  Just to get started.  That is the hard part.  The beginning.  I will spend 10 minutes on implementing my business plan.  I will then go about my evening and let it go! How do you motivate when all you want to do is procrastinate? I would be curious to hear others answers. I have no distractions for the next 10 minutes.  So…I am going to quit blogging and go do 10 minutes of work.

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