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Social Media Marketing Strategist

Alaska Tracy’s strategies and implementation procedures are based on the results of extensive analysis and study of the newest social media trends. Alaska Tracy’s team will create a plan of action for your business using social media platforms and ‘out of the box’ marketing ideas to get you more exposure. Our end goal is to establish your company as the experts within your marketplace.

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Alaska Tracy will not only be your social media consultant/specialist, but also your business partner, working toward your actualized success. This partnership is cultivated through one-on-one coaching sessions and/or coaching sessions for your whole team.

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Business Consulting

Alaska Tracy’s areas of expertise include business strategies and planning, business direction and purpose, delegation and task management, marketing and networking, systematized efficiency, dynamic and energized team building, miscellaneous website capacities, and the definition and redefinition of a business’ objectives and aspirations through the synchronization of its pursuits and its marketing.

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Episode 21 Vision Reboot

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Welcome to Episode 21 — thanks for listening in! Has your spirit seemed restless over the last few weeks? Odds are against us with the hurricanes, earthquakes, full moon and change of seasons; but whatever the reason may be, there seems to be a bit of craziness in the air. This week, I wanted to offer the opportunity to reboot your soul and spirit. I create show notes for those who would rather read rather than listen; however, this week’s podcast is a guided meditation. I am going to invite you to listen in from a comfy position (preferably away from behind the wheel of your car), and I will guide you through this gentle, loving meditation for your busy, restless mind. Dial in, enjoy, and grab ahold of the experience that can delight your soul! Click Subscribe for more goodness!

Episode 20 – Shift: What Happens When You Live a Heart Centered Life

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Welcome to Episode 20!! Thank you for being on the journey with me. When I started the Biz Vizion podcast, the goal was to record for three months and then launch my social media business course after that. Instead, I’ve had another shift in business and in life. As an entrepreneur for almost 15 years, one would think I would be used to these shifts. I still fall into “fear mode” when these shifts start, which is quickly followed by sleepless nights of excitement and visions of what’s to come next. My feet hit the floor and out comes the Vision Board, and the action steps begin for the next chapter!  Years ago, I asked the universe to guide me to a business that was forever stimulating, intriguing, helping others and pushing my brain skills. Be careful what you pray for — This business has forever changed me and my …

Episode 19 – With Founder of Bambino’s Baby Food – Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas

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Thank you for listening to this week’s Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy.  This week, Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas shares some heartfelt testimonies about how and why she started Bambinos Baby Food.  Zoi says, “We are not just a baby food company; we are an extension of your love and commitment to your family.” Bambino’s celebrates their Grand Opening on September 1st by opening their new manufacturing location and retail store front at 2819 Spenard in Anchorage, Alaska. Bambinos Baby Food is a national natural, organic baby food company that ships 24 meals directly to parents’ doorsteps.  So yes, you can order if you live outside of Alaska!  The flavors are delicious.  I tried the salmon – it was like a creamy bisque, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I fed it to my husband for dinner! Guess what? He liked it too! The baby food is nutritionally focused to address allergies …

Episode 18 – Itchy Soul Syndrome

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Thank you for listening to this week’s Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy, Episode 18. This week’s episode is created via Alaska Tracy’s Facebook Live. I have run into a few people in the community and also some of my newsletter subscribers who have told me they were confused with everything I have going on. So, a quick recap. Once a week on Alaska Tracy’s Facebook Business Page, I share a business, social media, or inspirational tip and tool. I am LIVE it is either on a Tuesday or Thursday morning and is promoted ahead of time.  So, you can join in LIVE and comment, share your thoughts, bring your questions and connect with others, or you can watch it later, as it is recorded. I then take the recording and put it on my The Alaska Tracy Tube Channel, and I promote it on my newsletter.  This is called ‘repurposing’ your content.  If you are a business …

Episode 17 – Finance Professional Nicholas Coriano

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Thank you for listening in this week to Episode 17.  Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy continues to amaze me as the universe steadily provides astonishing connections in my direction.  In this week’s episode, I got to interview Nicholas ‘Nick’ Coriano from Connecticut.  Nick contacted and connected with me through Twitter. You can also watch this interview on Alaska Tracy’s YouTube channel: Alaska Tracy YouTube. Nick has been an entrepreneur since he was a teen.  He is quite diversified and passionate about all of his experiences and businesses.  I had a hard time keeping up with all of his energy!  Nick’s story is one of perseverance, determination, and giving back.  Nick is a multifaceted finance professional who was a former wall street executive and is currently a consultant to clients on 5 continents. Nick shares successes and mistakes throughout the interview.  He likes to remember them, share them and hopefully learn from them.  Nick is …

Episode 16 – Debbie Ashley – The Online Marketing Expert

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  Welcome to this week’s episode with guest Debbie Ashley of Thrivoo Marketing! The Universe has guided me to do this podcast so that I may inspire and help you by inspiring and teaching.  Each week the Universe continues to send the perfect people my way to help you along your journey in business and life. With each episode, it is my goal to find people that are passionate about their life and share their journey with you. Their stories prove that anything is possible with a vision and steps, which means you can achieve your vision, too. Oftentimes, by hearing other’s stories, we are able to let go and trust that we, too, can have big, rich, meaningful lives… that we can take that Leap of Faith — whatever that looks like.  For some, it may be leaving a boring job and creating a thriving business; for others, it may be taking …

Episode 15 – Instagram Expert Sue B

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    Welcome to this week’s episode with guest Sue B Zimmerman, Instagram Expert better known as Sue B. I have been following,  learning, and watching Sue B grow her business for the last four years.  Her story amazes me. She graduated with a degree in nutrition and has become a well-recognized, wildly successful social media and business consultant and speaker.  This is another testimonial proving that anything is possible when you apply a Vision, positive mindset, and oodles of hard work! Sue B’s first business was at the ripe, old age of 13, and she has gone on to create more than 18 businesses.  Her actions match her motto:  “Don’t stop until you get there.”  Sue B’s determination is infectious! Do you ever scroll through social media and find yourself comparing yourself to others? Maybe others in your industry or a similar industry?  Maybe wondering how they make it look so …

Episode 14 – Success and Wellness Coach Sally Thibault

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Welcome to this week’s episode with Sally Thibault.  It was an honor to interview Sally, all the way from Queensland, Australia. Sally and I met via Mari Smith’s social media coaching group back in 2012 in San Diego.  Another testimonial of the power of creating and growing relationships via social media. What a journey we both have had over the last 5 years, and a treasure to stay in touch and watch each other evolve. Sally is a Success and Wellness Coach, as well as a mentor, speaker, counselor, author, and trainer. She’s also extremely knowledgeable in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). As an author, she published two books: David’s Gift Asperger’s Life and Love and Tapping to Reclaim You.   It was fascinating to learn about Sally’s work and how she helps women to achieve success and create transformations in their lives while breaking through old, built-up patterns. I was ready to sign up! Who knows, Sally and I …

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As a local entrepreneur and dynamic life and business coach, Alaska Tracy has inspired many to confidently pursue their passions in the business world.

Alaska Tracy excels in developing business strategies that successfully grow businesses; as a top producer throughout her career, Alaska Tracy’s knack for clever, forward thinking has garnered her many accolades.

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Alaska Tracy’s ‘tool kit’ of simple techniques includes ways to grow your business while balancing your life.
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What Your Mission and Vision Statements Can Reveal About Your Business

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When I first thought of creating a business in 1999, I hired a business advisor to help me get the business off the ground. The first steps seemed so painful at the time. I had never owned a business and had many fears. The business advisor’s job was to see to it that I was serious about the business – that I was ‘willing to go to any length’ to make the business work, run, grow and succeed. Success was defined by paying my bills, growing a savings account, and enjoying what I was doing, both personally and business-wise. The first and most important task was the business plan. Today, in coaching sessions with my clients, I recommend that they create a Vision Board. The reason is that Vision Boards are creative and visual, and, essentially, your business plan laid out.  I use colors, i.e. markers, colored stickies, stickers, anything to create fun and flowing visions. My Vision Board for 2016 hangs on my office wall for me to see …

Mental Toughness

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Mental Toughness Biz Vizion with Alaska Tracy Podcast Episode #9 Mental Toughness or an easier softer way is this week’s topic. Life is funny. I can be moving along on life’s balance beam and BAM! My head starts chattering! I would love to tell you it always happens after a major life event, but that is not the case. Remember to read to the end and download your free offering for the week! This last time was right after a Spiritual Retreat! You would think that one’s head would be rested, relaxed, rejuvenated or something to that effect… I had the opposite! My head was riddled with fear, thoughts of what the heck I am doing and the list went on! What does one do when feelings seep into our minds wanting to take over our bodies and keep us stuck in a state paralysis? I remember hearing for the first time, “feelings are not facts” …

Secrets Revealed By Land’s End Resort

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Start Play I had the privilege of interviewing Land’s End Resort Sales and Marketing Director Mike Dye on Biz Vision with Alaska Tracy Podcast. Remember to download Alaska Tracy’s Free Gift at the end of these show notes! To be perfectly honest, I was a little nervous about this interview as Land’s End is well known to Alaskans as being the go-to place when staying in Homer. Alaskans provide 50% of their business! Land’s End location is perfectly situated at the end of the Homer Spit. The views of the ocean and mountains are priceless. I was fortunate enough to capture this moonrise from our bedroom (photo above)! What a pleasant surprise it was when I met with Mike. I had asked him if he would talk about Land’s End Mission and Vision statements and share three to five secrets to Land’s End success. When I sat down to talk …

How Strong Is Your Purpose?

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Start Play Will your purpose get you through the tough times? The times when your head questions what you are doing, you lose a client, you stumble, fear approaches, or you feel stuck. These times will appear.   My experience is if my purpose is not very strong when these times show up, I lose focus and often divert off course. My purpose or WHY must be stronger than my head chatter! This week, I am sharing a short story about hitting a bump and fear setting.  Oh, the fear was overpowering and I wanted to throw in the towel on Podcasting!!!  Guess, what? I got back up!  I get to share with you how my purpose keeps me moving forward! By sharing maybe you won’t make the same mistake. I met my new friend that I talk about in the Podcast via Twitter, so it seemed appropriate that this week …

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